Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I am truly meeting some fantastic authors on Rebecca Boucher's blog. Kameryn James is certainly one of them. She is a most fascinating author and a super person as well. Go to this link http://beccab8.blogspot.com/ and read it in its entirety. You will be most enlightened and I hope you find a new favorite author.

Blaze McRob

Come Meet Kameryn James......

This month has been spooktacular! (OK, pardon the corny pun.) I have meet some amazing and talented horror writers, introduced them to you guys, and hopefully will have some great collaborations in the future. As the month draws to a close, we visit with our last three authors. Hopefully I have given you guys a glimpse into the minds of a horror writer. We are all like you, just  a little more in tune with the darkness around us.

We have visited hard core horror, YA paranormal fantasy, psychological thrillers and everything in between. We have learned some of the tricks of the trade, and got to know some great new books. Today is no exception. We are taking our seven questions to the talented Kameryn James. Kameryn's work has appeared in anthologies from Sirens Call and Dead Gun Press. Her story Skin appearing in the anthology Voices from the Gloom

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