Saturday, October 11, 2014


Go to and read a super interview with Jill Cooper. Rebecca Boucher asks some great questions, and Jill, being the great lady she is, does not disappoint. Both of these ladies are Women In Horror!

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

JIll Cooper Talks About Her Horror Faves.......

This is the rocking ghost in the graveyard Wallpaper, Background ...

Today we have a great interview with super talented Jill Cooper. Jill is an author of YA, adult dystopian, Romance and horror. Her YA series Dream Slayer is currently her most popular, but one of my all time favorites from her is the horror romance Devour. (You can read my review for Devour here:

There is no question Jill Cooper is a talented author, and having met her in person, one awesome and sweet lady. But she does love her horror. As you can see in the following interview.
 Jill Cooper

The interview is at You will love it!

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