Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Visit with Chad Lutzke and Rebecca Boucher! Chad delivers an Inspiration 101 lesson you won't want to miss. Go to and get the whole kahuna!

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What Ifs..... Chad Lutzke Talks About The Inspiration Behind Horror

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Today I am turning the blog over to Chad Lutzke. Chad is an author of many interviews, articles and reviews in the independent movie and music scene. He is also an author, his upcoming book of horror shorts will be released by Dark Moon Press in early 2015. Chad is more than qualified to speak on this subject, and when I read his piece, I have to say I was extremely excited.

Here he is exploring the motivation behind why we write horror. His take is so on the money, and if you never thought of the 'what if's' before, you surely will now. The many levels and outlets of creativity in the paranormal and horror world are hard to pigeon hole. And it's true, we like to be scared when we are in control. And what better way to be in control than if you can close the book or turn off the TV. Just because one can explore those dark corners others shut off, doesn't mean they live there. Well, I'll just let Chad explain it, he does a much better job. Take it away Chad:

Read what Chad has to say at the above link.

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