Sunday, October 19, 2014


 Cover for '68 Buick. Artwork by Sue Midlock.

'68 Buick, written by yours truly, Blaze McRob, and published by Visionary Press Collaborative, will be out next week in time for Halloween! I will have more information when it is published, but I am really glad to see this novel come out. For a number of years, it has taken a back seat to other books. I have had a number of editors come and go, one who regrettably died. He was a great guy. I miss you, Dennis.

But now it will be ready for the masses.

This is the first of two back to back novels where all the proceeds are going to my Safe House For Abused Women And Children. So, I hope it sells like crazy and can help bring a little joy to some very special people. A fellow Publisher friend of mine is jumping on board in the fight against domestic violence by donating sales from one of his books as well. We will have a world-wide base. I will allow him to make his statement when the time is right.

I feel it is incumbent on me to help where I can. This is one place where I can help. Notice I am not asking for donations. Buy the book if you wish to read it. The rest is up to me.  

Here are the short and longer versions of my synopsis:

Short version:

How does a dead, immortal reaper transport souls to Hell and still wage a battle for good? Read ’68 Buick and find out.

Longer version:

Robert Anderson, a man plagued by a demon trying to get inside his head, is attacked and killed by this evil entity. But is he really? Satan and God are waging a battle for his soul. God loses when Robert kills himself.

Yet, not is all what it seems. A Reaper actually kills Robert, but the Reaper turns out to be Robert himself. Thus, he is doomed to roam in a limbo fashioned by the hand of the Dark Angel, unable to go to Heaven but too good to go to Hell.

This marks the beginning of his new career: bringing the most despicable souls to the portals of Hell in a ’68 black Buick rag top with red interior, dice, and flames on the front panels. This immortal, dead Grim Reaper does what needs to be done through the power of his mind.

’68 Buick has a lesson to teach all of us: it is never too late to do what is right.
Even from beyond the grave.

If you purchase '68 Buick, I hope you enjoy this action packed tale. I can tell you that every chapter ends in a cliff-hanger, and the following chapter takes off running.

See you next week, my friends. Meet a new Grim Reaper!

Blaze McRob


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    1. Thank you, Steven. This book rolls along. I could have explained more but I want folks to say, "What is in Blaze's head?" No Grim Reaper tale like it. That's for sure.