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Take a peek at Wanda S. Paryla's website and see what she has in mind for October! She plans on being a busy lass!

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Wanda's Amazon Bio:

Wanda S. Paryla was born in Chicago, Illinois, and raised in Central Texas. She received a BA in sociology from Baylor University. With a life split between two states, and two very different worlds, Wanda's life experiences transmit through her writing. Along life's path, she's met some very colorful people who made various lasting impressions upon her which she relates through her work. She and her longtime feline friend, Ganymede, reside in Illinois.

Wanda's great book. I have an autographed copy!     

Book Description

January 12, 2013
In a comprehensive narrative of courage, passion and forever friendship, sixteen year-old Tessa Price, an orphan with a broken heart, little trust and eyes on the future has one really big wish. That someday she could get out of the lives of her Aunt Kiki and Kiki’s abusive husband, Dino, or just die.

The difficult-to-impress Tessa spends her days theoretically saving everyone. She is a heroine of an unlikely kind who denies her pain and regret by getting wrapped up in the troubles of others to forget her own.

With rock-star sized aspirations, Tessa seizes one moment in time and rolls the dice, taking her teenage friends on a life-changing journey, crashing and burning into someday. That road is wrought with grief and catastrophe and Tessa struggles to keep things together, while denying herself true love and ignoring her limitations until it’s too late.

As she watches her friends spiral to rock bottom, Tessa blames herself for their fall from grace. When the death of a loved one sends her reeling into substance abuse, Tessa, everyone’s champ, falls to her knees and becomes everything she hates. Even the life growing inside her seems unable to deter her from a path of self destruction.

Can Tessa rise, once again, from the ashes? Moreover, will her champion wait for her with a genuine love forever?
A moving tale, made me laugh and cry at the same time. Children trying to grow up to fast facing adult issues but not mature enough to handle the task at hand when it comes to fame and fortune. Very serious issues in this book from child abuse, addiction and many more to even comprehend. The innocence being stripped from these children. A sixteen year old girl and her climb to be a rock star along it's venture she runs into the pits of gritty drama of violence that surrounds herself and her friends. So moving with intense emotions but all in all you just want to hug Tessa and lift some of that burden off of her. "As the tears of a liar flowed down my face." Life made a girl to reckon with tough, but still someone who needed to feel safe and loved. I could feel the raw emotions permeating the air, the author wrote it so well. The length of the story was fine, probably could have made two books instead of one. All in all family became an important plight:) Won this on Goodreads, First Read Giveaway. Thank you, Darlene Cruz

Someday Always Comes by Wanda Paryla (Jan 12, 2013)


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