Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I only posted one day of this great story here. Inside, by Nina D'Arcangela, is this week's Terror Tuesday. This is one of the scariest stories I have read in a long time. Hit the link to the Pen Of The Damned website below and read the story in its entirety. For free! I guarantee your sleep will be altered severely tonight.

Read more of Nina's great work and that of our other twisted members of the Pen Of The Damned at the link also. The best in Damned Dark Horror, and it is always free.

Blaze McRob



Day 1
I can hear them scratching – almost ticking, always clicking, as they move around inside my head. It’s maddening. Their tiny feet always touching, testing, feeling their way about. Each hair-coated limb sliding between the soft tissue and bone – scuttling through the crevasse in between. Feeding off the fluid…growing.
Sometimes, when I’m looking in the mirror, in the worst moments, the moments where I have to hold onto the basin to support myself and can barely catch a full breath, I swear I see a shadow scuttle behind my eye. The quick darting of a grotesque form moving swiftly past before I can focus on it. My own visage in the mirror is a horror in itself; long hair a greasy tangled mess, cheeks sunken and hollow, skin a sickly yellow hue from their rancid poison. Sinking to the floor, scratching at my face to be rid of them, I gouge my eye sockets with filthy, ragged nails. Will they find their way through the opening if I offer one? Covered in the blood oozing from destroyed tissue around my eyes, forehead slashed bare, with flesh caked beneath my fingernails, I crawl on hands and knees to the bed where I cower beneath the covers seeking refuge, hoping to hide. But there is no refuge, nowhere to hide; they are always with me – inside me, there is no escape from what is inside…

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