Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Okay, so today I'm tooting my own horn. Don't worry, I haven't stopped telling the world about my many author friends.

Beware The Mold is a Zombie tale with a different angle to it. The horror is certainly there; the blood and gore are still there; but there is also a tearing at the psychological side of humanity. I hope you enjoy it.

The story came to me one night in a dream. That dream is over. Or is it?

Blaze McRob 

Book Description

September 2, 2014
In the mountains of West Virginia the mushrooms have begun to spread from inside the caves where they have grown, left in peace to the darkness of their world. Now though, strip mining has opened their world and allowed escape. The pigs were the first to encounter the new life, devouring the mushrooms. But humans ate the pigs and the hunger that followed couldn't be sated.
Image of Blaze McRob
Blaze McRob has penned many titles under different names. It is time for him to come out and play as Blaze.
In addition to inclusions in numerous anthologies, he has written many novels, short stories, flash fiction pieces, and even poetry. Most of his offerings are Dark. However dark they might be, there is always an underlying message contained within.
Join him as he explores the Dark side. You know you want to.

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