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Stephanie Greenhalgh is my Woman In Horror today! Stephanie loves to read and is an avid learner. I envy her her Masters Degree In Education. While I have numerous Masters Degrees and a couple of PhD's, I always wanted to teach at the University level, but my stuttering got in the way. Have to leave that to the pros like Stephanie who teaches the younger children. Way to go Stephanie!

Stephanie also teaches readers how to appreciate a good tale. Her delightful stories are ones which can be enjoyed by YA readers and adults.

She also gets involved with helping out other authors, posting on blog tours when she finds the time, and always seeming to be there for her friends.

The Twistedly True Tale of Ruby Hood(Ruby Hood Series Book 1) is, of course, a take on the old Fairy Tale. But Stephanie makes it her own.

Book Description

October 2, 2013
In the small town of Woodsville, self-assured Ruby Hood becomes tangled in more than traditional teenage angst. With the Homecoming Dance looming, everything at Woodsville High appears normal, but things are not as they seem. Ruby meets a cute boy with a lopsided grin, Dylan Hunter. She flirts shamelessly with the football star, Kent Wolf, and finds herself in a barrage of harsh verbal altercations with his stunning yet wicked sister, Kayla Wolf. Thankfully, she finds solace in her friend, Lilly Fair. Through a series of odd and painful events, Ruby discovers her true calling and the responsibilities that come with her new power and position. Despite her heartache and sorrow, will Ruby find the inner strength not only to protect herself, but also to keep the Wood safe at all cost?
4.0 out of 5 stars Loveing this takeon a classic..... November 25, 2013
By Becca
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I started this book with a lot of trepidation. I am rally a purist when it comes to my fairy tales. And when there was a lot "Over the river and through the woods.." in the first few chapters, I got a little worried it would be too cliché. But that all soon disappeared as I found myself fully immersed in the story. For what Greenhalgh does well is take that familiar story and make it her own. She weaves a tale of shifters, werewolves, witches, and guardians with an expert hand. Making you feel like this world is real and possible. Her characters are relatable, human and supernatural at the same time, and she isn't afraid to throw in the tough stuff. Touching on death and loss in a way that throws all those clichés right out the window.

When Ruby is faced with the two sudden death's in the same day, she knows her life is never going to be the same. Then she finds out she is the guardian of the woods, the woods her Grandmother so lovingly guarded her whole life. Her world is turned upside down with choices and challenges she never could have dreamed. (Enter a cast of supernatural beings to rival any episode of Grim or Once Upon a Time. A formula that strangely works.)

Can she take care of the wood? Can she guard the life force the wood holds? And most importantly can she trust her own instinct. I really can't tell you because I don't want to give anything away.

The only complaint I have is that I feel like the story started with one main theme, and turned into another without the first being resolved. I feel like we are left with a lot of questions, and few answers. With any luck those questions will be answered in a sequel.

Do I think you should read this one? Without a doubt. I give it 4 1/2 stars, perfect for the supernatural/paranormal fan in your life. And a definite keeper for me.
5.0 out of 5 stars Twisted!!!! 
By Candy
Format:Kindle Edition
The Twisted True Tale of Ruby Hood

I was given this book by the author for an honest review. Now that THAT is over.....on to the good stuff!

I LOVED all the cross references and the innuendoes in this story! It's about a 17 yr old teenager by the name of Ruby Hood, that comes into her powers as Guardian of the Woods due to tragedy and fate.

I LOVED the reference of her having to go "over the river and thru the wood" to see her grandmother! Every time I read that in the story I had to pause and snicker as it was so cliche, but the author actually made it work!

Enter Kent Wolf and his sister who she'd gone to school with over the years, and developed into interesting characters throughout the story. When she introduced Dylan Hunter and his dad Jared, I cannot tell you how interesting it got after that!

The author pulled me into the story and I could hardly put it down! I look forward to reading the next one in this series, and to see what other characters she brings into this.

This book reminds me of Once Upon a Time, the way the characters are introduced into the story. She even had the wicked stepmother and her two wicked daughters!
If The Slipper Fits . . . (The Precious Gem Series: Diamond) (Volume 1) is co-written with Jennifer Paquette. This is one super romp through time, hardships, and some very bad luck. But the luck is all good if you are a reader.  

Book Description

January 1, 2014
If The Silver Slipper Fits…
Two feisty witches.
Two wickedly impossible dilemmas.
Two modern day realms infused with a little mischievous magic.
One pair of totally awesome and very sassy shoes.

"If The Silver Slipper Fits" begins with a story about Glinda, a teenage witch, who, like any other teenager in the modern world, is envious of another woman’s pair of shoes. However, these shoes belong to her sister. After stealing the shoes for her hot date, she trips on a crack in the Yellow Brick Road, falls through a portal and lands smack in the middle of New York City. Of course, she lost her grip on the shoes when she fell and now Glinda not only has to find her sister’s Silver Slippers in a city of 8 million people, but she has to find another portal to get herself back home in time for her date. Unfortunately, a subway train full of degenerates, a Naked Cowboy and herd of anorexic fashion models stand in her way. And to top it all off, the shoes change their look as the owner’s personality changes.

The second story takes place many years later, and centers around Glinda’s youngest daughter Giselle, who already has way too much baggage for a normal 20-something. She has been banished to Las Vegas because she set her college on fire, and to make matters worse, she supposedly is the recipient of a Goblin Curse. To top off her really crummy year in exile, a Blood Moon shows up at the wrong time, making her powers go out of control. She steals her Aunt’s Silver Slippers (sound familiar?) and suddenly her luck, and the shoes, begins to change…for the worse. Can Giselle’s Lightning Power save the ones she loves most? Or is it really all just about the shoes?
4.0 out of 5 stars Don't you just love the perfect shoes... December 31, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition
Review of If the Silver Slippers fit: by Stephanie Greenhalgh and Jennifer Paquette
I received a free copy of this story from the authors in exchange for an honest review
The first of the two short stories started a little rough and I had to re-read the first page to help me understand what was going on. After that first page it all flowed together. Falling through a hole from OZ into the modern world has the main character chasing through the town after the famous silver slippers in New York city in a way that made me chuckle thinking that yes… a little girl would go through a whole mess of trouble to get back borrowed shoes and had to get them back or else… The second story had an easier gate to the writing. I like how descriptive Stephanie Greenhalgh is so that everything definitely creates a picture in my mind. I also liked how the two stories were linked with the shoes that now have more magical powers than before. This time the witch was banished to Las Vegas, and if I had to hide a witch with magical powers, Las Vegas is a good place to do it. Without giving away too much of the story, it was one of love and hate, the lightening power of dark magic, a bit of OZ politics, and even a zombie. Never underestimate the power of a witch…A good read, I am looking forward to reading more stories in this series.
Natalie A. Moore
Hawally, Kuwait


Amazon bio:

Even though she currently lives in Las Vegas, Stephanie Greenhalgh is a Midwestern girl through and through. As an avid reader and learner, literature and school are more of a passion than a hobby. This two time UNLV graduate has four published short stories: "Betula's Angst", "Duality", "Angel 101", and "The Twistedly True Nightmare of Ruby Hood", all featured in anthologies. Her first novel, "The Twistedly True Tale of Ruby Hood", was released in October 2013. And her first self publication, "If the Silver Slippers Fit..." debuted January 2014.

Stephanie Greenhalgh is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob

The Twistedly True Tale of Ruby Hood (Ruby Hood Series Book 1) by Stephanie Greenhalgh (Oct 2, 2013)


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If the Silver Slippers Fit... (The Precious Gem Series: Diamond) (Volume 1) by Stephanie Greenhalgh and Jennifer Paquette (Dec 30, 2013)


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Angels Among Us by Monica Blanton, Susan Burdorf, Ashlea Burns and Callie Cool (Nov 6, 2012)


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13 Tales of the Paranormal by J.B. Sullivan, Jo-Anne McCleary, Heather Greenhalgh and Caitlin McColl (Oct 10, 2011)


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Novel Hearts by Rebecca Boucher, Molly Bryant, Stephanie Greenhalgh and Theresa Oliver (Feb 13, 2013)


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If the Silver Slippers Fit... (Precious Gems Series) by Stephanie Greenhalgh and Jennifer Paquette (Jan 1, 2014)


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A Thorn of Death by Amy Lunderman, Lisa Morgan, Vanessa Belle and Cassandra Griffin (Mar 16, 2012)


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