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Sinus Infection, by Jon Olson, is this week's Terror Tuesday! I have only included a portion of the story here. You can read the rest at the Pen Of The Damned website. I'm into sci-fi, and since I have eight kids, it's obvious I have some interest in sex. Combine the two and we have . . . maybe we have anything but what Jon has written. Find out. Read this charmer of a tale. You know you want to. 

Read more Damned Dark tales at our website from Jon and the rest of us wonky tale meisters. Sleep is over-rated. We will see you don't get much of it.

Blaze McRob

Sinus Infection

Ray Rasmussen woke with a start.
He dreamt that he had been having sex with an alien. The act was not sexy but more mechanical, like they were performing the act for procreation. It was pure, unemotional sex.
There was some pressure in his sinuses, but his mind was still focused on his dream.
The dream bothered him.
Did he initiate the interaction? Or did the alien?
Ray frowned.
Why was I fucking an alien in the first place?
The alien could only be remembered in fragmented blurs. It was off-white and humanoid based on the flashes of arms and legs that blinked through his mind. Ray clearly remembered the expressionless face with black reflective eyes and a small mouth.
He couldn’t remember if the alien had any distinctive sex organs.
It must’ve had them… I was fucking it.

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