Tuesday, August 5, 2014



Hunting Season, by Craig McGray, is this week's Terror Tuesday! This is a sweet tale of deep woods love. Hmmn. Nothing like you've ever heard of before. I have given you a teaser below. The rest of the story is on the website above.

Enjoy the rest of Craig's story and others he has written for Pen Of The Damned. Read the other Damned Dark stories over there by the rest of The Damned too, for the price of free. You know you want to.

Blaze McRob

Hunting Season

Janet Boxley nudged the SUV deeper into the desolate backwoods, peering through the passenger’s side window, searching for her pups’ eyes.
Once she’d made it back to camp, she slammed the truck into park and grabbed her flashlight from the glove box before stepping out; her breath pluming the crisp air.
Her sandals sank into the moist ground and mud squished between her toes. “Dammit!”
She waddled her way to the back of the rusted out Ford Explorer and lifted the hatch. Inside were supplies for the upcoming hunting season which started in the morning: gallon-sized jugs of water, some large plastic water bowls, and several bags of food which she’d either been given by local restaurants or stolen from their dumpsters.
She hated the trips she was forced to make into town, but they were a necessity. The small town was none too kind to her. She was ‘different’ and most made it clear she wasn’t welcome. Even the small shops on the main street would lock their doors as she walked by. The kids, cruel little bastards, would poke at her, call her names before running away laughing. None of that mattered, she was back where she belonged now.
Making an odd clicking noise with her tongue, she pointed the flashlight toward the dense cover of leaves guarding the edge of the woods. The beam of light zigzagged along the trees, slashing through the moonless nighttime air but finding nothing.
“C’mon now. I know you’re in there!”


  1. Thanks, Blaze! I'm honored to be in your spotlight.

    1. Glad to have you here, Craig. Great story, my friend!