Saturday, August 23, 2014


Gothic Revival, by Carson Buckingham, a Woman In Horror, is now out! This is a super novel with 534 glorious pages and is published by my friends at Sirens Call Publications. Anything Sirens Call publishes is great, and anything Carson writes is fantastic. Buy this great novel and be treated to the best!

Blaze McRob

Book Description

August 17, 2014
Alex and Leo Renfield are a husband and wife contractor team who’ve recently moved to the village of Woodhaven, Connecticut to escape the chaos of life in New York. Pretty close to broke, they meet Theodora Hamilton, a somewhat unsavory and odd individual, who offers them an astronomical amount of money to repaint the first floor of her family home.

But along with the huge paycheck comes a set of unsettling rules that must be followed explicitly if they are to accept the offer; one of which is they must reside on the property having no direct contact with the outside world until the job is complete.

Is Theodora Hamilton just an eccentric woman with a peculiar way of doing things, or is there a more sinister agenda that Alex and Leo are unaware of? What exactly does she have in store for this down-on-their-luck couple who have no choice but to accept the offer and the strange requirements that come along with it?
Carson Buckingham knew from childhood that she wanted to be a writer and began, at age six, by writing books of her own, hand-drawing covers, and selling them to any family member who would pay (usually a gumball) for what she referred to as "great literature." When she ran out of relatives, she came to the conclusion that there was no real money to be made in self-publishing, so she studied writing and read voraciously for the next eighteen years, while simultaneously collecting enough rejection slips to re-paper her living room...twice.
When her landlord chucked her out for, in his words, "making the apartment into one hell of a downer," she redoubled her efforts, and collected four times the rejection slips in half the time, single-handedly causing the first paper shortage in U.S. history.
But she persevered, improved greatly over the years, and here we are.
Carson has been/is a professional proofreader, editor, anthologist, newspaper reporter, copywriter, technical writer, novelist, short story writer and comedy writer. She prefers fiction writing above all, since fiction, ultimately, is where the truth is. Her novels and short stories fall under the horror subgenres of dark fantasy (think Poe, not swords and sorcery) and paranormal suspense and are meant to chill the reader without blood and guts and veins in the teeth.
Her blog is at and though she is a horror writer, Carson's blog is humorous (she hopes) with commentary on life's absurdities updated each week in THE WEEKLY RANT. THE CAPTIONED PHOTO OF THE DAY is there, too, along with the HORROR-SCOPES and even shots of her garden in Arizona. You can also find out about what she's up to in the world of dark fantasy in the BOOK BLURBS and CARSON'S NEWS sections.
She loves reading and gardening; but not at the same time. Though born and raised in Connecticut, she lives in Arizona now--and Connecticut is glad to be rid of her!


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