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Fractured Realms

Paperback, 195 Pages
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Fractured Realms

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Extraordinary people marked ‘not normal’ come from all different walks of life. For far too long, a shroud of darkness was thrown over those who’ve had boundless potential to transcend greatness; shunned and cast out through the misjudgment forced upon them. People enduring isolation from being trapped inside their own minds. People labeled with an ASD-Autism Spectrum Disorder. Seeds of greatness cannot be cultivated through judgment and condemnation. Imagine a world never having heard the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? Never seeing the extraordinary art of Michelangelo? What if Sir Isaac Newton hadn’t discovered gravity, and laws of motion that would be relevant 300 years later? And for all the writers out there…were you aware that Lewis Carroll—author of ‘Alice in Wonderland’—fell under the umbrella of Autism? So to all of you, who are reading this, ask yourself… “Is Autism a disorder, or is it a gift?” Through their short stories and poetry, a collection of talented authors have tackled that question.

Look at what I have in my hands!  Fractured Realms. This is a charity anthology in aid of The Autism Trust. My friend and Woman In Horror Suzie Lockhart and her son Bruce Lockhart 2nd are the co-editors. Bruce also has a great story in this. All the proceeds go to The Autism Trust. I bought some and will have to get more later for my book store because I want to keep my personal copy and will send some out to friends. I also had Suzie and Bruce autograph all the copies. 

There are many super authors in this tome, including Erik Gustafson who is the Director Of Fantasy at Visionary Press Collaborative,  a Press I am a co-owner in. Gotta love that! 

So folks, for a great book where the money goes to a worthy cause, you have one here. Buy and enjoy!

Blaze McRob

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