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Foinah Jameson is my Woman In Horror today! Let there be no mistake about it. Foinah is an interesting woman. Her Amazon Author Page has the picture of a smoking monkey on it. I probably pissed her off by using her actual picture, but I like the reflective mood depicted on the one I chose.

To find out more about the Smoking Monkey, and a whole bunch of other fascinating things, go to   
on her website. While you're there, read some excerpts from her novels. From what her Facebook author page says, Foinah is dusting off her novel Mostly Dead Melvin for Kindle. Tres cool.

Foinah's Amazon bio says a lot about her:

Foinah Jameson (1968-) lives in Portland, Oregon, the delightfully weird center of the Pacific Northwest, and spends her days with a fabulous husband, two Norse gods disguised as her daughters, and a menagerie of used animals. At night, Foinah sneaks out to her office on the back deck under an umbrella where she writes feverishly on a battered Mac laptop, typing away madly until the sun rises. Dark, comic, creepy tales come to life as she sips cold coffee and chain smokes aromatic cigars in the crisp night air.
She is the author of Marker of Faith -- a supernatural thriller, Mostly Dead Melvin -- an urban fantasy laced with dark humor, and Weeku -- a soon-to-be-released graphic novel featuring the amazing art work of Michael O'Manion. Her short stories and novellas run the gamut of the supernatural to poignant vignettes of everyday life.
In a previous life Foinah was a musician, a publican, a fortune teller, a chef, a burgeoning astrophysicist, and an artist rep.
Now a domestic goddess and a mother by day/writer by night, Foinah enjoys her alter ego as the smoking monkey who gets to use a laptop...
She blogs nonsense, as often as possible, at
"Writing is so much cheaper than therapy! And you can drink while you do it."

Straight-laced is not a word in her vocabulary. I love that.

This is a book description and review for Foinah's short story, Liam Malone: A short story  

Book Description

December 27, 2011
Liam Malone is a demon who loves to fly the friendly skies -- what can he say? He's a people person who hates people! But he loves crashes even more. So at thirty thousand feet and falling all he wants to do is sit back and wait for the screaming to start. The good stuff. But someone else is along for the ride this time.
5.0 out of 5 stars "leave him alone" December 31, 2011
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
this is a fun little story , about a demon who gets off on crashing plane's . he meets his match on this ride. i think this is a build up for a novel , i hope so because it was good! 
I love good Demon tales!
Tales Of Shadow: A collection of four short horror stories is a superb collection and a super way to acquaint yourself with Foinah's majestic writing.

Book Description

December 29, 2011
A collection of four short horror stories by Foinah Jameson. Illustrations (full color on supported platforms) by Michael O'Manion.

Adult language and some violent content.

The Bark is Worse Than The Bite : A day trip to the wild woods of New Hampshire gone terribly wrong for a little girl and her parents.

Tell Your Friends : One woman's descent into madness as she faces the thing that goes bump in the night.

The Visitor : From the corner of your eye you can see it watching you.

Dogma Cat : Karma's a bitch, but revenge is a cat.
5.0 out of 5 stars Do be afraid of the dark... February 21, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
A lot of the stories in this collection feature something sinister lurking just out of sight, in the shadows or within the dark woods, down the stairs or on the end of the phone. That's until it's time to jump out and get down to it. These are genuine Horror stories which are actually quite scary at times. Especially the first one, in which (what should be) a happy event takes a turn for the terrifying, and objects usually thought of as being harmless suddenly become threatening. The second story is a good old "things go bump in the night" fright fest, good fun but also scary. Didn't really know what to make of the third story, may need to read it again sometime. The final story is a clever idea, funny in a dark sort of way, and also leaves you with a nice feeling that the story carries on with a life of its own even though it has finished. The stories are -

1) The Bark Is Worse Than The Bite (9/10) A family goes for a drive in the woods, only to find that it's not so easy to leave.
2) Tell Your Friends (9/10) When a woman hears noises from downstairs in the middle of the night, she must fight not to lose her head.
3) The Visitor (7/10) A man takes a time out, in order to find out the meaning of his visions.
4) Dogma Cat (9/10) A vet has a very strange pet to examine, when a man brings in a (not so) dead cat.

I would say that there is something just that little bit more scary within these stories, when compared to other collections. Shame that there are only four stories but I'm pretty sure it was free when I downloaded it, but I can't remember for sure. I would definitely read more in the future from this author, but in order to get an idea and see if you like the style, this is well worth getting. And remember, do be afraid of the dark!

Depravity Cavity: an Omnibus of Horror will grab your attention.

Book Description

February 12, 2012
A collection of seven short stories about very bad people doing very bad things...

Adult content : Language, violence, gore.

COLLECTION : Maybe she shouldn't have gotten off that bus. But he looks harmless enough...a lone clerk in a roadside market in the middle of nowhere. He just wants to show her his collection.

HOT DISH : What is it about death that makes folks so hungry? For Eric Norby, it's an obsession. Lovingly crafted, home-baked, funeral-infused hot dishes are simply to die for...and he'll do anything to keep them coming.

WASPS : Jubel is a man blinded by love, and Marvelle is a woman in love with his money. No more trailer parks or lap dances for her, and it would be perfect if only Jubel were gone... It's good to be a wasp.

MIDNIGHT SNACK : Bernie had an awful abusive father, a beaten mother, but food made it all seem like a dream. Now he's a grown man with an enormous appetite. Gluttony, torment, and apathy...You are what you eat.

MASON : One boy's journey through a lost childhood. There are things in the dark...things that aren't afraid to come into the light.

OMNIBUS : Out of the fog it appears just when you've given up on everything. But should you climb aboard?

DEPRAVITY CAVITY : What's been seen can never be unseen.

A 23,000 word collection of short horror stories by Foinah Jameson. Featuring three full color illustrations (on supported platforms) by Michael O'Manion of Lightning Farm Designs.
5.0 out of 5 stars Looking for a fright... February 21, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
Having read another book by this author a while back (Tales of Shadow) which I had enjoyed and found to contain some really good and scary stories, I decided to see what else was around. Well, firstly the eyeball on the cover grabbed my attention, then the title with the whole 80's horror lettering, then to fully ice the cake - a review which claims that these stories were too much to handle. Sold!
The stories range from the supernatural, to opportunistic killers, to serial killers, with a small helping of body/creature horror - which is usually a hit with me and my favourite story in this collection (Wasps) is a messy one from start to finish - when a fed up trophy wife fills her husband's head to bursting point, something has to give. A disgusting story which pulls no punches. Other stories I particularly liked were "Hot Dish" - putting self gratification higher on the list than other peoples lives becomes second nature. Also "Mason" - Seeing something that nobody else can recognise makes the character truly alone in there own personal nightmare.
As with the other book I mentioned, the description within the stories is very good which makes them easy to read while really setting the scene.
Also worth mentioning is the artwork shown before each story, which gives the whole book a polished look and sets the mood for each story. My favourite one was also from Wasps, but also Mason and Omnibus stood out for me. The stories are -

1) Collection (8/10) A shopkeeper struggles to keep his true self off display for all to see.
2) Hot Dish (9/10) When a small village has more than its fair share of accidents, all the local policeman can do is chew over the results.
3) Wasps (10/10) A murderous plan gives a trophy wife a wicked buzz, but also a bad head in the morning.
4) Midnight Snack (8/10) An obese mans terrible childhood memories start to drip into the present, which he finds hard to stomach.
5) Mason (9/10) A boy realises that he cannot run away from his fears, so he decides to face them.
6) Omnibus (8/10) A girls anger at missing the last bus home is soon dwarfed by the strange situation in which she finds herself.
7) Depravity Cavity (8/10) A serial killer is forced to take a close look at himself when his latest victim bites back.

A good scary collection of Horror stories which you may not be able to take your eye off, even though you may want to. Anyone looking for a fright should want to get their teeth and claws into this one.

Foinah writes in a surreal WTF style that I enjoy. Thinking person's literature. She presents a message within the story which is there for the plucking, if one cares to pluck. I do. Others will simply be fascinated as she spins her tales. That is also great. We all read for different reasons and see different things in the words presented to us. Foinah presents great words.

Foinah Jameson is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob

DEADLINE: a collection of moments by Foinah Jameson (May 5, 2012)

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Liam Malone : A short story by Foinah Jameson and Michael O'Manion (Dec 27, 2011)


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Tales of Shadow : a collection of four short horror stories by Foinah Jameson and Michael O'Manion (Dec 29, 2011)


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The Worm Lady : A short tale of madness by Foinah Jameson and Michael O'Manion (Dec 27, 2011)


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Depravity Cavity : An Omnibus of Horror by Foinah Jameson and Michael O'Manion (Feb 12, 2012)


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