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Deborah Bogen is my Woman In Horror today! Deborah doesn't take the easy way out when writing. Not only does she write YA stories, but she writes period pieces. That makes it even tougher when you go this way. Some might say the story I am about to spot-lite is not a true horror tale, but I beg to differ. The Witch of Leper Cove: a tale of 13th century England(The Aldinoch Chronicles: an all ages trilogy), is filled with horror: that kind which actually occurred many years in the past by unthinking, unkind, religious zealots. Deborah wrote a superb tale based on what was happening at the time.

All the proceeds for this great book are going to Crohn's Research. You can read a great book and do some good as well.

 Treat yourself to a super book trailer.

Book Description

December 31, 2013
It’s 1226 A.D. In the small English village of Aldinoch fourteen-year-old Lily is no longer considered a child, but when her parents suddenly disappear she has to grow up even faster than she’d planned. Her younger twin brothers do too, because the siblings have been turned out of their home. Apprenticed to new masters they must work long hours to earn their bread and pottage.

Lily trains with Alice, an herbal healer who cares for the villagers and for the lepers who live on a cove downstream. Wyllym learns the fulling trade, but Edric is sent to a monastery where he’s expected to become a monk. Eventually they each make peace with their new lives, seeing each other on Sundays and growing into people their parents might not even recognize.

But sometimes, happy endings are temporary. In the 13th century the Holy Mother Church feels herself under attack. Religious dissent will no longer be tolerated. In Rome Pope Honorius creates the Inquisition. He charges the Dominicans, nick-named the Hounds of God, with the task of rooting out heresy wherever it may be.

Even a distant hamlet like Aldinoch does not provide safety. Abbot Godfrey from nearby Guildford charges Alice, Lily’s mentor, with witchcraft. The whole village is astounded — in times of trouble the healer’s herbs and poultices have saved many lives and the villagers see nothing but good in her work. However, when Bishop Hugo the Inquisitor shows up to try her for heresy no one knows how to stop him.

Lily and her brothers realize they are Alice’s only hope but what can they do? They know they’re out of their depth, but when Alice is imprisoned in Guildford Castle’s dank dungeon the trio is forced into action. Mysterious allies are found, but will they be enough to save the Witch of Leper Cove?

Originally published as The Wych of Lepyr Cove

Editorial Reviews


"Deborah Bogen's world-building prose turns the hamlet of Aldinoch into a familiar character, with almost as much agency as the three siblings. While the main cast of characters are wonderfully written, it is Aldinoch which truly shines."  Julie Matsen  The Superstition Review

From the Author

I cannot remember a time when I was not fascinated with the Middle Ages. This is exactly when western society was building itself from the ground up. Hamlets like Aldinoch co-existed with the great cathedrals of Europe. The insights and technologies that made that possible amaze me and the values that motivated change, while difficult to understand, are important for us to think about. Then there's the fact that it's fun to vacation in a world so closely aligned with fairy tales and adventure. I hope you enjoy The Aldinoch Chronicles.

About the Author

Deborah Bogen, a prize-winning poet, has always been addicted to great historical novels. When she read Ken Follett's "Pillars of the Earth" series she could no longer resist the lure of a time in which the roots of western classical and folk music, religious painting, religious architecture, mathematics, engineering and intellectual argument, and the slow move toward individual rights were just beginning to send their shoots skyward.  She has turned her hand to the novel where she brings to life this exciting time through the lives and adventures of her characters and their 13th century village, Aldinoch.
5.0 out of 5 stars Compelling read for both young adults and grown ups January 9, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Lyllie, Edric, and Wyllym's parents have plans for the children's future, until their own early demise leaves the three young adults alone in Aldinoch, England. This book captures the compelling inner lives and relationships between the three siblings, with a page-turning plot that takes readers through both the day to day challenges of life in the 13th century and a harrowing attempt by a corrupt local priest to frame one of the kindest people they encounter. The book is targeted at young adults -- who will love the story and especially the three main characters -- but I'd recommend it to adult adults as well. The details of life in the middle ages and the Inquisition are fascinating and the writing is a pleasure to read.
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
This is a tenderly woven tale about the courage and perseverance of three orphan siblings in Aldinoch, a small village in thirteenth century England. Ms. Bogen fills her tapestry masterfully with the nuanced history, culture and society of a time long past, as the orphans, Lyllie, Edric and Wyllym, each discover their own strengths while rekindling familial ties along separate, but connected paths. When Alys, the village herbal woman, is accused of wychcraft, the three siblings and several unlikely allies rally to bring justice, truth and compassion into the light of her darkest day. This story is a telling and poignant lesson in acceptance, sacrifice, and community which certainly finds a sure footing in the troubled times of our present day world.

Amazon bio:

ALL PROCEEDS FROM "The Witch of Leper Cove" benefit Crohn's research.
Deborah Bogen is a poet and a novelist. Her poetry books, Landscape with Silos; Let Me Open You a Swan; and Living by the Children's Cemetery are all prize winners. Her new book THE WITCH OF LEPER COVE is YA novel set in 13th Century England.
Bogen grew up in Montana and North Dakota. At 15 she moved to San Francisco where she was exposed to a lively art scene that was engaged with both the personal and the political.
Her writing for young adults does the same. Whether you want to call it medieval history or a coming-of age story, or just a terrific adventure, THE WYCH OF LEPYR COVE appeals not only to teenagers, but to 5th graders and 70 year-olds.
Bogen thinks teenagers are smart and truly interested in the world and its history. She also thinks learning about that is the most fun when it's told in an exciting story of events that no doubt really did occur in the life of someone. In The Witch of Leper Cove she has used her fascination with all things medieval to explore the ways young people can affect their own life circumstances.

Deborah Bogen is a Woman In Horror!

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