Sunday, July 13, 2014


Terri DelCampo is my Woman In Horror today! I hope you weren't too scared by her picture above. Sometimes my Women In Horror are shy and hide behind caricatures of evil. Only, that is one cute owl, and if you look in the center, I'm sure you will see a significant ribbon.

Now, I am new to Terri's work, but allow me to say that I am very impressed with her Owl's Eye View Magazine. It is fascinating. Usually, my Women In Horror have a bunch of books on Amazon, but Terri is putting out a class magazine for free. That's right. Free!

Her stories are eclectic and edgy. When I read them I wasn't sure where they were going or what they were saying until the end. Her second short story in the current issue was, in my estimation, the best. I'm sure it will resonate with me when I try to sleep tonight. No spoiler here. Read it and you will see what I mean.

The entire concept of the magazine is fresh and unusual with a Twilight Zone meets reality which might not be reality and is a fantastic paradox of thought and eventualities. I'm sure I have everyone confused now. No need to be. For the price of free, discover a new favorite horror author.

In Terri's words:

"The only thing more fun than reading an ooky story that keeps me up all night, is writing one that keeps YOU up all night! Terri DelCampo, Managing Editor, OEV Magazine."

"Owl's Eye View Magazine is a dark fiction publication that concerns itself with all things Owl's Nest, Delaware."

"Owl's Nest, Delaware is the fictional town where the author, Terri DelCampo sets most of her novels and stories."

"The columnists for OEV are all residents of Owl's Nest, Delaware. (Affectionately referred to as Owl's.)"

Enough of my chatter. Take yourselves to a new world: Owl's Nest, Delaware.

Why? Because your hostess is Terri DelCampo and Terri DelCampo is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob

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