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This week's Terror Tuesday is Pointed Ends by Leslie Moon. This is a charming tale of insanity. The mind has many facets. Leslie comes up with the less than desirable ones. I have only put up a teaser here. Go to the Pen Of The Damned and read the rest. I know you'll want to.

There are many great stories at our website, something for all the Damned lovers of the Dark, and everything is free, including lack of sleep after a healthy dose of our tales . . .

Pointed Ends

“9-1-1? I am calling about three, maybe four people who have been abducted. I can tell you where they are.”
“Let me get your name, number you are calling from and location.”
“Oh okay.” I tried to take large gulps of air to still the panic. “It’s my daughter. They…he took her. One of them had a gun at my head.” I trembled as I remembered cold metal pressed against my temple.
“Ma’am calmly give me your name, your number, the closest address.” I could sense rising impatience in the operator.
“Address? I dont’ know. I’m in the part of the psychiatric facility that’s under renovation. Does the address matter? Some of the buildings are unstable. That bastard is putting my child in harm’s way. I’m her mom. She would be a famous actress if he would let her live. There’s no number on this plastic hull of a land line. I killed him, I think.  The man who held a gun to my head. I always carry a knife…I work night shift.  I’m not sure if the blood is mine or his. Get a damned squad car here now!” I threw the receiver; it ricocheted off the wall.
Great, now they will wonder who the psycho is, I chastised myself.
“No!” I heard her familiar scream. But this was no stage scream; there was too much blood curdling. Running in the direction of her voice, I gave up any hope that the police or paramedics could make it in time.
I saw his face. He was so placid and had such a kind smile when we had him on psychotropics. I told my colleague that it was too bad he couldn’t stay in a permanent, happy drugged state.  “That could adversely affect recovery,” came his reply.
“Who is being adversely affected now?” I shook my fist at a blank hollow window.
I heard vibrations, then the recognizable sound of shattering glass.
“The building is going to cave in before help arrives.” I looked toward the empty shadows behind which were the monsters of my past and present. Focus, they can’t hurt you unless you allow them access. FOCUS!
Taking assessment of my situation, I knew that time was against me. What resources do I have that this madman does not?
Drugs.  I had lots of drugs in the double locked cabinet just outside my office. “There’s no one to help me check them out on the RAND.” My medical bearing was trying to take hold. “Screw regulations. This guy is going to kill people.”
I hurled myself loudly up the stairs, never thinking about stealth.
I had to fiddle with the combination three times before I was steady enough to catch the combination;  I pulled the key from around my neck.

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