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Okay! No Sympathy For The Wicked, written by Joseph Albert King, and published by Visionary Press Collaborative is now only .99 on Amazon Kindle as well as on Smashwords and B&N. This is a fantastic crime thriller! You will love it! Get it now. I co-edited this book and know how explosive it is.

Blaze McRob

Book Description

April 9, 2014
There’s a reason they call Las Vegas “Sin City”. There’s a reason tourists are reassured “what happens here, stays here.” Dark places and shadows are the natural counterpart to bright lights and boundless sunshine. Las Vegas has plenty of both.

Wherever there are shadows there is the potential for shadowy figures and shady dealings. No Sympathy for the Wicked shines a light on a side of life where seduction, betrayal, death and damage are business as usual. Step into the shadows if you wish but remember to always watch your back.

4.0 out of 5 stars A wicked read April 26, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
This read gives another angle to the whole "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" slogan. No book
 was better named for those wanted to roll and sport in the underbelly of Las Vegas through cruising along with the righteously pissed off, the depraved and debauched. A fine tour-de-force of wickedness. No shame involved in this world where it appears that people take care of their own problems to the point where police intervention and investigation is unexpected or at least discouraged as unnecessary. Gambling, prostitution and dog fighting are the natural consonants of life here. A well written read on the gritty, tough and unrelenting dealing with the unsavory and malicious. Cross lines and expect no quarter.

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