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Morgan Griffith is my Woman In Horror today! Morgan is not an easy woman to find a lot of information about. She doesn't go the usual Amazon Author Page route. She has stories scattered about all over the place, but you have to dig to find them. However, her Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/morgan.griffith.5477?fref=ts 
is a great place to go to find some delicious goodies about her. She is a most delightful woman and is very laid back and unassuming.

Morgan is not only a great author, she is quite a talented artist as well. Once more, you have merely to go to her Facebook page and take a peak. I am very impressed.

In the anthology Cellar Door, Morgan has contributed A Polished Poem, as well as some great art.

Book Description

September 13, 2013
Cellar Door... Linguists call it the most beautiful phrase in the English language based solely on the way it sounds. But as you can imagine, what it represents may be something far more sinister. In a spectacular display of poetry, artwork, fiction, and photography, the talent of fifty contributors is showcased within these pages. Voices from behind cellar doors all over the world come together in unison to whisper in your ear...can you hear them? Are they knocking on your cellar door? Edited by Shawna L. Bernard, each piece in this anthology has a beautiful title intrinsically connected to the tale that follows, and a door will be the common theme which connects the widely varied styles, genres, and stories told. Will you take your chances and find what's lurking behind your cellar door?
5.0 out of 5 stars perfect for fans of the genre classics October 11, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
This showed so much creativity! Poetry, visual arts, and of course, the stories. The content made me think of the wonderful old stories from bygone times, very subtle. Effective horror can hide in plain sight, only being recognized by those who- in certain slant of light- glimpse it. After being turned off from modern horror time and again, I wondered if I was stuck re reading the classics. But with persistence, you can find books such as this, which not only entertain, but also show the art is not lost. Encouraging to know there are people who still get it, and a fun read. A keeper.
In the anthology Bones, her flash fiction piece Bone To Pick is a stellar piece of art.

Book Description

September 20, 2013
There are bones of the dead everywhere, and they’re sharp. Under your feet as you walk across your yard, in the cement of buildings, under the foundation of your home, in the coffee you drink, in the food you eat. Science estimates 100 billion human beings have lived and died. There are bones everywhere. There are skeletons everywhere, from universities to unnamed places we really don’t want to know about. We love skeletons as we are walking skeletons. There’s an old phrase about skeletons in the closet. What if the skeleton in your closet is real? When we look at strangers, friends and family we fail to see the skull behind the face. And the eyes of skulls are dark and deep. These works of art, poetry and short stories cut deep. To the bone.
5.0 out of 5 stars Well done and enjoyable. December 4, 2013
Format:Paperback|Verified Purchase
Great collection of stories. Well assembled. Interesting subject. Worth the money. I will read several of the stories again.Kudos to the editor.


The art and poetry of Morgan Griffith appeared in numerous fantasy/horror magazines in the '80's and '90's, including Eldritch Tales; Undinal Songs; Etchings and Odysseys; Grue; Fantasy Macabre; The Arkham Sampler and Gary Crawford's Supernatural Poetry. In 2003 two pen and ink drawings were included in Leilah Wendell's hardcover volume Necromance under the name Wraith. Attempting reanimation, short fiction and art of Morgan's has recently appeared in Cellar Door and James Ward Kirk's Bones anthology. Poetry is also to come in Dead But Dreaming. She is a Californian relocated to Florida who does glass etching/sandblasting, and lives with pet rats.

Morgan Griffith is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob


Cellar Door: Words of Beauty, Tales of Terror by Gregory L. Norris, Tracy L. Carbone, T Fox Dunham and Kerry G.S. Lipp (Sep 13, 2013)



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Bones by James Ward Kirk Publishing (Sep 20, 2013)


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