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Monique Happy is my Woman In Horror today! Monique is a writer, but she spends most of her time working with her great editorial services. I hope that by the next time I get around to telling the world about her that she has published some of her own stories. Hint, hint.

If you go to  , you will find some of the great authors she has done edits for, including some of my Women In Horror. There are heavy hitters here, including great horror authors among the top 100 on Amazon. If their stories sell, you know the editing is spot on.

Monique is a true professional in every sense of the word.

In Monique's words:


"Proofreading, Basic Editing, Copy Editing, CreateSpace Formatting, Promotional Services, FB Page and Twitter Management, FB Release Parties.
I'm on Twitter @moniquehappy.
I've edited the works of stellar indie authors such as Mark Tufo, Shawn Chesser, Sean Liebling, G.R. Mountjoy, Robert DeCoteau and Evan Roy. I can polish and fine tune your manuscripts, and help to make them a success. I can also format your manuscript for publishing via CreateSpace."

"I opened my editing services in 2011. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some fine indie authors. I’ve learned a lot along the way, and I hope that they have too. You see, I don’t just edit their manuscript; I also instruct along the way. I use Track Changes in Word so they can see every change, every addition and deletion I suggest. I add comments in the margins to let them know why this worked, and why this didn’t. I provide them with links to various websites, articles, and blogs so they too can become educated on all the various idiosyncrasies of the English language. My job is not just to improve their manuscript; my aim is to help them improve their writing.
But even before we begin our editing journey, there are other things I can teach them. As a writer, they already know the art of writing. They pour their very souls into their stories; they spend every spare moment with a pad and pen or hunched in front of their laptops. So I don’t need to instruct them about that. I’m not even sure that’s something that can be taught. But what I can do is share with them what I know about the technical and business aspects of their avocation.
I have a penchant for networking. I love Facebook because I’ve developed friendships with so many talented people: authors, publishers, editors, and artists. I’ve met some great readers and fans. I’ve also gotten involved in the Twitterverse, and made some connections while I was at it. I’m active on LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Pinterest, and am even dabbling on Vimeo and Tumblr, although I’m still learning all the ins and outs on those sites.
Here’s what I tell my clients about social networking: Have an active online presence, but don’t overdo it. There’s no need to spend hours on Facebook or Twitter. Fifteen minutes on each in the morning, and fifteen minutes at night. That’s more than enough time to check messages, chat with people, update your status regarding your latest projects, Tweet links to your pages and touch base with your connections. Then get back to your primary purpose: your writing. Facebook can become an addiction. Trust me, I know. I’m a reformed Farmville addict. *grin*
I also share all the tips and tricks that I’ve picked up over the past few years. Did you know there’s a cool little website called It’s a URL shortening and bookmarking service, and a great way to create a quick, short link to use on Twitter, for example, where you’re limited to 160 characters per Tweet. Speaking of Twitter, I was pretty lost until I discovered Now I can easily stay on top of my Tweets with this handy organizing tool.
One last suggestion I’ll share with you: Beta readers. I’m not talking about Grandpa Joe, or Cousin Sarah, although family are oftentimes the first and sometimes the best readers one can have. I strongly recommend that authors develop a trusted, reliable group of beta readers. These people will be the fresh pair of eyes that catch those errors in continuity and plot line. They will be with you for each novel in the series, and will become intimately familiar with your characters. They are invaluable in that final walk-through of a manuscript before sending it on to your editor. That’s not to say that you should use every suggestion they make. After all, your novel is your literary baby. Go with your gut, always. But never become egotistical enough to disregard good advice.
I often say I’ve got the best job in the world. I get to work with ultra-talented people; I get to read their manuscripts first (sometimes before the beta readers, even!), and I have developed some of the best friendships I’ve ever had. I wouldn’t go back to working in a law office even if you paid me a million bucks. Indie authors are where it’s at, man. Ya dig?
* * *
Some of my past and current authors, whom I highly recommend:
Mark Tufo’s Zombie Fallout – I worked on the first four or five of the ZF series. It was a privilege to work with Mark.
Joseph A. Coley’s Six Feet From Hell series – Having been an engineer and a medic in the U.S. Army reserves, and now working as an EMT, Joe brings all of that knowledge to his writing. An engaging thrill ride.
Shawn Chesser’s Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse series – one of the best ZA series out there. I’ve been editing for Shawn since the beginning, and I can’t say enough about Shawn’s growth as an author. Truly amazing.
Sean Liebling’s Blood, Brains, and Bullets series – the zombie apocalypse as it would really go down, with true-to-life scenarios, steamy sex, betrayal and redemption! Another great ZA ride.
Joshua Dalzelle’s Omega Force series – great sci fi thrillers that I highly recommend! Think the A-Team in space.
W.J. Lundy’s Whiskey Tango Foxtrot series – a highly realistic ZA series which John began writing while serving our country in Afghanistan. You couldn’t ask for a better military/post-apocalyptic read.
I wish I could name all of my authors here, as they are all great in their own ways. Please visit my website at and visit their author pages for bios and links to their books on Amazon!"

I'm not sure where I found these great passages, but I decided to leave them in Monique's words so she could tell you how she does what she does. I love her websites. As with everything else she does, they are super!

Monique Happy is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob 

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