Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Damned Words 8



This week the Pen Of The Damned presents eleven 100 word stories based on our perception of the Damned Horrors within the picture above. All of us saw different things, and all of them were Dark. Ah, but that's our job. I have only included the first two stories here. Hit the link above to read the rest. 

While you're at our website, read some of our other Damned Dark offerings. You know you want to. 

Blaze McRob

Nothing Lives
Jon Olson
Reflections in windows tease and haunt, showing what was, and what is no longer. Do not look at the glass! Damn, too late. Reflected before me is a tree. Its trunk, branches, and leaves, all on display. I want it to be real. I roam these empty streets. Searching, hoping, and praying to find someone; something; anything. People, animals, and plants are all gone. Concrete, steel and glass remain. I call out and listen, but only my echo replies. This city is dead; nothing lives. The sky is grey; no sun or clouds. Life has abandoned this place; abandoned me.

In Everything
Zack Kullis
They watch and wait in everything. I can feel their hungry eyes and thrusting glares, pulling for the acknowledgement that would seal my fate. Stupid therapist called it Pareidolia.
Demons, creatures, faces and things of terror live in almost everything. Seeing them draws them into your head where they eat your soul. I avoided them until today, overcome by a single glance at a building, a window holding the tree and cloudy sky – all of them full. I heard them coming. Two ice picks saved me, one for each eye. With the windows to my soul ruined, I was free.

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