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My Writing Process Blog Tour
My Writing Process
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I was nominated for the ‘My Writing Process Blog Tour’ by the wonderfully wicked Nina D’Arcangela. I want to thank her for always being a gracious host and helping so many authors to spread the word about their writing. Nina is one of the owners of Sirens Call Publications, a founding member of Pen of the Damned and she carries about 15 other job titles at any given time. If you don’t already (which in all honesty really doesn’t make sense), you should stalk her on Twitter @Sotet_Angyal, on Facebook, one of her three blogs, The Road to Nowhere, Spreading the Writer’s Word, or her own writing blog, Sotet Angyal – The Dark Angel, and of course, on Pen of the Damned.
Okay, now let’s get on with the meat of the post: My Writing Process. I was given the same four questions to answer and I’ll do my best to make the following answers somewhat readable, because in all honesty, I don’t really have a process, unless not having a process is my process then I do have a process. Dammit, see what I mean! Here goes nothing.
1. What am I currently working on?
I’m currently working on completing a novel length thriller as well as several short stories for submission to multiple anthologies for the remainder of 2014. I have also been sitting on a deal that I haven’t said much about because we are still early in the stages, but I signed with Sirens Call Publications to work with them on a novel I wrote a couple of years ago, The Somnibus. I am extremely excited to work with the wonderful professionals at Sirens Call Publications to polish up the book and send it back into the world brighter and better than ever. I’m very confident in my choice to work with them on the project, and though I am remaining patient, I’m chomping at the bit to re-introduce the Somnibus, in all their malevolent glory, to the masses.
Very recently, just last week in fact, I signed with Visionary Press Collaborative to publish a short story about one man’s carnal obsession and the wicked road it leads him down. Look for that to be released this year as well.
I’m also a proud member of Pen of the Damned, a disturbingly talented group of writers who express their pain, intrigue, violence, and unique perspective on horror every Tuesday through a FREE short story offering. Do yourself a favor and stop by Pen of the Damned and read some of the refreshingly twisted offerings you’ll find there. There are ten active members who write on a rotating schedule in order to provide fresh stories each and every Tuesday for your reading pleasure…or displeasure, as it may be.
2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
This is an odd question to answer, and I’m not sure I can really provide a straight-forward explanation. I hope my writing provides the reader with enough description to help them form their own vision of the story within their head, while trying not to over-do the details and robbing them of that privilege. While I can appreciate and enjoy the precise, flowing prose of many writers, that isn’t my style. I’m more of a punch-you-in-the-face type of guy. But no matter how harsh or disturbing the content of my stories may be, I always like to sprinkle a little humor in there to help soothe the sting a bit. I find it helps readers recover a little and gets them to let down their guard so I can smack them again with a particularly intense scene. I enjoy reading that style myself, so I can only imagine others do as well.

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