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Autumn Rising: The Spirit Shifters: Book Three, by Marissa Farrar is out for your reading pleasure. I have never read anything written by Marissa that wasn't fantastic. Bear in mind the first book in the series, Autumn's Blood, is now free! Check out all of Marissa's great books!

Blaze McRob

Book Description

July 4, 2014
New release! Book three in the Spirit Shifters series!

Book one – Autumn’s Blood, now FREE!
Book two – Saving Autumn.
Book three – Autumn Rising, out now!
Book four – Autumn’s War, scheduled for December 2014 release.

Separated from everyone she loves, and faced with the possibility of spending the rest of her life as a human test sample, Autumn must decide who is friend and who is foe ...

Cousin shifters, Chogan and Blake, have an impossible situation to find their way out of. Feeling responsible for the trapped shifters, Chogan must hatch a plan, but the decisions he makes will mean the difference between life and death …

With the government still intent on persecuting shifters, a leader must rise among them …

Watch out for book four, ‘Autumn’s War’, out late 2014!

5.0 out of 5 stars Rising to the Occasion once again. July 5, 2014
Ms. Farrar's third installment of the Spirit Shifters series moves at a breathtaking pace. If you haven't been following this series, you must, as a minimum, obtain Autumn's Blood (it's currently free for the Kindle edition) and immerse yourself in this unique world of Native American culture merged with werebeasts, placed in a government/military and Native American reservation setting somewhere in the Chicago area.

As with other series of Marissa's that I've read, she writes characters that have depth. They have feelings and express them. They make you care about them, and wonder what is going to happen to them next.

Her in-depth look into the paranormal act of Shifting causes gives a visceral feeling as I read her description of the way, when the shifters transform from human to their animal spirit guide's bodies,the transformation isn't a quick quiet thing, but a pain filled breaking of their bones and bodies until they are merged and reformed.

A truly entertaining read..

Anxiously awaiting book 4 in this series.

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