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Karen Magill is my Woman In Horror today! I came across Karen in a most unusual way. I was leafing through Indies Unlimited when I came across http://www.indiesunlimited.com/page/2/ . This is a Featured Book post from the Administrators of Indies Unlimited. On the right hand side is an ad for her book A Little Poison(The Julie Seer Series Book 2). So, I went to Amazon and the rest is history. The Amazon sample portion is great. You get to see if you want to buy a book; you get to find a new favorite author.

But, of course, I don't stop there. I went to her website  http://www.karenmagill.com/ where I was greeted by two doors. The red door is the paranormal one. I entered and rapidly became entranced. A second journey to the blue door also captivated me, but for a different reason. This is for a non-fiction book On the Right Side, My Story Of Survival And Success. This book deals with Karen's struggles with MS. This is not a pity me book. This is a positive book. Karen is a lady with grit, common sense, and determination.

Karen is huge with getting involved with the history of her town, Vancouver, British Columbia. http://karen-magill.blogspot.com/ I particularly like the one going into the forests where one can see the lush vegetation everywhere. It gives me an X-Files feel.

So, we have three women in one, and all of them are fascinating, to say the least. 

 Here is a book description and bio for A Little Poison(The Julie Seer Series Book 2). Read the sample on Amazon and you will surely want to buy this great book.

Book Description

May 16, 2014
Off-duty Vancouver police officers should never go into Stanley Park for fear of what they may find. Detective Constable Santoro Ricci ignored this warning when he accompanied his psychic girlfriend, Julie Seer, into the park and the couple find a body in a grove.

Once the corpse is identified as prominent Vancouver citizen, Ricci and Seer are thrown into a world of wealth, power, secrets and sexual perversion. Nothing is what it seems and the two discover A Little Poison goes a long way.

5.0 out of 5 stars A Little Poison! May 26, 2014
By brenda
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Karen Magill's A Little Poison takes you back to Julie Seer’s psychic visions. Back to the story Missing Flowers that caught my attention with it's unpredictable plot and entertaining storyline. Frankly, Miss Magill kept us all waiting far too long for the sequel but A Little Poison was well worth the wait. Intriguing, alluring and mysterious all rolled into one. I love the great visuals that took place all over Vancouver, Canada. Almost felt like I was there experiencing it all myself. This book is well written and drew me in from the chilling prologue. Well done. I would highly recommend A Little Poison and Missing Flowers.

"Her grandfather stood behind a desk, and someone was standing on the other side. The visitor's back was towards the door, so Julie couldn't see who it was. She could see her grandfather clearly though; his face was illuminated by the desk lamp. He didn't look happy." 
Obviously, you'll want to read the first book in the series as well, Missing Flowers.
Below is a book description and bio for  On the Right Side, My Story Of Survival And Success.

Book Description

February 15, 2014
What if you woke one day to find yourself paralysed on one side of your body?

That’s what happened to Karen Magill on June 5, 2000. Nine days later she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and just over three months after that, she had to leave the best job she had ever had. Ms. Magill started on a frightening, confusing journey that was her life now.

Then something interesting happened. Once Karen began adjusting to her new circumstances, coming to terms with the fact that her former life had vanished, she realized that the MS was a gift. Her eyes opened to the possibilities around her.

On The Right Side, My Story of Survival and Success looks at Ms. Magill’s life with MS and the factors in life, which influence her. This isn’t a how to book on living well with chronic illness, but rather a touching, opinionated, sometimes humorous story on how one person has gone from partial paralysis to jumping to touch low hanging tree leaves.

As long as we aren’t six feet under, we are on the right side and anything is possible. That’s the philosophy Ms. Magill lives by and hopes that readers will come to realize that they too can overcome hardships and live good lives.
5.0 out of 5 stars Oh soooo inspiring! February 18, 2014
By brenda
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
"The devil you know is better than the one you don't."

Karen Magill’s book On the Right Side is a story that is difficult not to get swept into from the very first page. The main character faces so many grueling hardships that I found myself suffering along side of her. She tells her story with honesty and grace. The impact of her honesty is a memoir that allows you not only to look at her challenges but brings you to look at your own life as well. You can make peace with yourself and at the same time appreciate what you do have?

There are so many heartfelt moments in this story that took me right in. Miss Magill has a way of telling a rather depressing story that is still filled with optimism. There is light at the end of the tunnel and if she hasn’t given up, you shouldn’t either. This character has a lightheartedness and the ability to laugh at herself which I can’t help but admire.

This is not a woe is me story but really a story of survival. You are reminded to never give up. There is a silver lining if you are willing to see through all the smoke and ashes.

“At one time in my life, not that long ago, I had dreams. I was going to lose weight, tone my body and become beautiful. I was going to be a rich and successful author with my books made into movies and a television series. I was going to find an attractive, well-to-do man who I loved and who loved me to share my life with. I would live in a fantastic home, entertain regularly and be loved and admired by many. It wasn’t that long ago that I had those dreams either. Only about six months ago but now, it was struggle to get through the day. I didn’t want to think about my future.”
 I realize I took reviews for both books from the same reviewer. I did this because I felt these portrayed the books the way I see them myself.

Amazon bio:

Karen Magill believes that anything is possible. When she writes fiction, Karen likes to treat the paranormal as an everyday occurrence because she believes that these attributes are within us all.
Forced to leave the workforce in 2000 by the onslaught of MS, Karen saw this as an opportunity to explore her lifelong desire to write. Initially she explored other areas of writing before deciding that her future lay with creating novels.
To date, Ms. Magill is the author of four published paranormal novels, including the award winning The Bond, A Paranormal Love Story. In February of 2014, she published her first non-fiction book, an inspirational story of her journey - so far - with multiple sclerosis. It is entitled On The Right Side, My Story of Survival and Success.
Karen lives in an eclectic area of Vancouver Canada and draws inspiration from the history and stories around her.

Without a doubt, Karen is a remarkable lady. Karen Magill is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob


On The Right Side: My Story of Survival and Success by Karen Magill (Feb 16, 2014)


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Missing Flowers (The Julie Seer Series Book 1) by Karen Magill and Debra Shiveley Welch (Mar 17, 2014)


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The Bond, A Paranormal Love Story by Karen Magill (Nov 24, 2013)


A Little Poison (The Julie Seer Series Book 2) by Karen Magill, Debra Shively Welch and arty (May 16, 2014)


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On The Right Side: My Story of Survival and Success by Karen Magill (Feb 15, 2014)


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