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K.R. Morrison is my Woman In Horror today! You will only see one book below that is up on Amazon, but this young lady is getting ready to jump out at you with more great tales of horror.

Now, let it be known that everything K. R. writes in the horror genre scares the crap out of her. She doesn't even like to read horror tales, but sometimes, and all authors know this is true, a story festers inside you and must be written. Such is the case with K. R. She cringes as she writes her tales and allows the pen to do its job while she looks the other way.

A lot of horror authors are heavy on the Dark and easy on the Light when there is conflict between God and evil. K. R. is a religious woman and knows the Dark is present, but she embraces the Good also. A lot of folks refer to her work as being Christian Horror and, while I suppose the tag might be correct to a degree, I hate labels. Read her words and you will see much more within her tales. I enjoy all kinds of horror stories and K. R.'s are refreshing in that they are not the same tired tales. They are unique to her and her styling belongs to no one but her.

One thing I find particularly interesting is that K. R.'s first story, Be Not Afraid, came to light because of a dream. Unlike a lot of people who rapidly forget their dreams, K. R. did not. The dream played over and over again in her mind, getting more detailed all the time. Most of my stories come from dreams and real life occurrences, and I sometimes blend the two, so I enjoy seeing another author who can use this source of inspiration.

I am intrigued with her prequel to Be Not Afraid. In Unholy Trinity. K. R. brings Satan and Lilith into the mix. Okay, Lilith is pure evil. How could I not be taken in by this. Resurgence is the sequel to this great series. Book number four in the series is Enoch's Return. Anything to do with Enoch fascinates me. This will be a must read for me.

So, from one nightmare and one great book, we now have four super reads. Look for the other three to be coming soon. In the meantime, read Be Not Afraid.

Amazon bio:

K.R. Morrison has lived in the Pacific Northwest for over twenty years. She uses her maiden name to show honor to her Scottish roots, and as a tribute to her dad. She and her husband have two young-adult children.
"Be Not Afraid" is her first book, a darling little creature spawned from an all-too real nightmare.
Both the prequel, "UnHoly Trinity", and the sequel, "Resurgence: The Rise of Judas", are awaiting publication through Mountain Springs House Publishers. "UnHoly Trinity" will be launched in June 2014. The fourth book in the "Pride's Downfall" series, "Enoch's Return", is currently being written.

K. R. Morrison is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob

Be Not Afraid by K.R. Morrison (May 20, 2014)

Book Description

May 20, 2014
Now available from Linkville Press: Lydia’s faith in God is strong—at least on paper. But what happens when that faith is tested? Turned into a vampire by the worst—Vlad Drakul—she feels that God has abandoned her. But the opposite is true. God rescues her from a fate worse than death, and brings her into the plan He has for global redemption. With the help He sends, she feels like nothing can stop her. But when Vlad torments her again, and then her family, the temptation to run and hide is almost too strong to resist. Her answer to God’s call is the deciding factor in the battle that pits the angelic powers of God against the demonic powers of Hell.
5.0 out of 5 stars World pretending April 7, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
KR Morrison's debut book is a tour de force, reminiscent of the works of Frank De Felitta and Just Cronin.

Lydia is married to a loving husband, and is a devout Christian. But when she is abducted by a shadowy creature of the night, her faith is put under a strain that she could never imagine.

What follows reminds me of a classical reworking of the trials of Job, as everything she has worked for is stripped from her, and she questions the tenants that she has founded her life on, as she is transformed into a hideous vampire.

Then, in her darkest hour, she receives a divine message the she is to be one of the Chosen - a messenger of God who is to prepare mankind for the coming war between good and evil.

This tale is lifted high above the general morass of fang-'em-ups with it's message of hope, and the authors expert understanding of what the vampire represents. The bloodsucking undead do not represent some Romantic notion of immortality, but the very embodiment of the anti-christ.
Where Jesus said, "I am the light", so the vampire says "I am the darkness".
Where Jesus is the resurrection, so vampires are undeath, sentenced to walk in perpetuity upon the Earth.

Where Jesus represent the chaste, so the vampire (and his fangs upon the erogenous neck) represents decadence and sinful debauchery.

The true nature of the vampire is laid bare in this slick thriller that sucks (no pun intended) you from the first page and keeps you turning the pages until the small hours.

This highly original work will appeal to many who seek a modern interpretation of the Good Message.

Other Formats: HardcoverPaperback

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