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Gemma Gladstone is my Woman In Horror today! You will see no books below the rest of this post. Not yet, anyway. Some day you will. Of that I am sure. And why is that? Gemma is an author. At the present time, she writes for therapy. I do the same. Without my writing into notebooks or tapping on my computer keys, life would have no meaning for me.

Her website explains why she writes. http://gemmagladstone.wordpress.com/
Gemma Gladstone-Therapeutic Writer shows everything fairly well, as do her Facebook pages. She has OCD and writing is her way to cope. Now, perhaps she's not putting down page after page of horror tales every night, but she is quite active on her Twitter page and equally busy on her Facebook pages. OCD is misunderstood by many people. A lot of folks can't seem to get the constant need to wash one's hands out of their minds. But it goes far beyond that. The seeming obsession with perfection is multi-faceted. How do I know? I have a milder form of OCD, but that was tough enough for me. I would get back from fishing in crystal clear trout streams and stretch my fishing line out and wash it. Every time. I was obsessed to get the highest possible grades in school, and I did. But the effort was exhausting. There are other things now I go through, but they pale compared to what Gemma puts up with.

Okay, so why is Gemma a Woman In Horror? She is a true fan of the genre, and, this is not a shameless plug for my enclave of fellow horror authors at The Pen Of The Damned, and she is one of our biggest supporters. I met her today when she gave my post some recognition. I delved farther into her Twitter posts and saw how she was always looking forward to our posts. That kind of devotion needs a shout out. Who amongst us does not relish to have super fans such as Gemma? None of us. Thank you, Gemma!

Gemma Gladstone is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob

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