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Absolutely Kate is my Woman In Horror today! I have had the pleasure of knowing Kate for a while now. She is my only Woman In Horror who is a master at Noir. Combining Noir with other genres is not easy to do, but Kate savvies up to the bar and gets the job done. Her Halloween tale Apparition on her blog is evidence of that. It is way cool.

Kate has two great stories, Eros Errors and Scare Me Up A Dream, in the great woman only anthology February Femmes Fatales. A number of my Women In Horror are in this superb tome. Kate once more is a master at the Noir crafting. I mean, how many people are capable of writing Noir and making horror leap out at you? Kate is the only one I know capable of this.

Book Description

February 3, 2014
Edited by Lily Childs – a collection of dark and wicked words from twenty-three women, the FEBRUARY FEMMES FATALES.

From quick sips of short, sharp micro-fiction to full-length stories; from poetry to a novel tease, ‘February Femmes Fatales - the book’ dishes out fear by the bucketload.

Noir, horror, crime, myths. Travel in time. Be reborn. Take revenge.

Meet demons. Dally with ghosts. Fight gun totin’ kick-ass gals with gumption… and dig deeper, where you’ll encounter war crimes, murder and foul-play. Not to mention a deadly dose of darkest humour.

The writers have offered up a smokin’ selection of dark fiction and poetry which will make your skin crawl, have you wiping away tears or laughing out loud. May they terrify and unnerve you.

Sweet dreams...

The authors:

R.S. Bohn
Lily Childs
Erin Cole
Dorothy Davies
Sandra Davies
Marissa Farrar
Ellie Garratt
Sue Harding
Anna Harris
Helen A. Howell
A.J. Humpage
Susan May James
Rebecca Kovar
Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw
Jodi MacArthur
Marietta Miles
Laurita Miller
Katherine Moriarty
Tania Redd
Icy Sedgwick
Lou Treleaven
Here is a description of this great book:


In the cancer anthology Bleed, Kate has a moving story Goddess Of The Moxie Moon. This book has all the proceeds going to fight children's cancer. Congratulations to Kate and the other contributors for their stories and their wonderful hearts and souls.

Book Description

September 2, 2013
No one should ever have to deal with cancer, especially a child. BLEED is a charity anthology where the profits will go to help children who have cancer. Forty-seven stories, poems and essays by the best in the horror business, including Bentley Little, Rick Hautala, Joe McKinney, Mort Castle, Benjamin Kane Ethridge, Tim Waggoner, Gene O'Neill, and William Nolan. This is for all the little girls and boys who fight the good fight everyday. Proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to The National Children's Cancer Society.
5.0 out of 5 stars Chock full of imagined and very real horror October 21, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition
How do you feel about cancer? Have you ever really thought about it? Have you, God forbid, had to experience it? If someone asked you to illustrate it or describe it--if someone asked you to put a face on it--what would cancer look like?
Pick up a copy of Bleed; a scary-as-hell charity anthology benefiting kids with cancer, and you'll get a vivid picture of just how terrifying it can be.
The contributing authors paint a sobering picture of the horror of the disease--perhaps not in the realism of the stories, but in the emotion fueling them. If you are a fan of the macabre, there's plenty to love: eerie things lurking beyond the surface, zombie cannibalism, murderous plot twists and an underlying sense of creepiness that spans throughout the anthology. Some of the stories build with a ominous foreboding; others hit you with a gut punch out of nowhere allowing no chance for preparation--again, like the disease they personify.
But the scariest elements are found in the authors' personal stories. The short bios preceding each entry detail their own experiences with cancer. It is in those stories--especially the introductory essay by editor Lori Michelle--that we see the true picture of how terrifyingly brutal the fight against this unseen enemy can be (fangs or tentacles may be easier to deal with). But we cheer just as hard for these real-life characters--these heroes--as the protagonists in the fiction. And their triumphs are better than anything any author can dream up.
Buy a copy of Bleed, enjoy some great stories and help some kids. There's no way to go wrong here. 

  Here is an Amazon bio that says it all!

Absolutely*Kate believes in believers and has moxie. (World needs more moxie.) Her esteem for words sails decades - spanning the 20's, 40's, 60's -- when dames were dames and when wise guys who got in the way had the smarts to tip fast fedoras . . . then get outta the way.
Noir and crime-thrillers, cross-currents of jazzy lit-prose, plus adventures in legends and lore spark this author's prolifics along the Rhode Island and Connecticut shore. While appearing in seven acclaimed anthologies, (two from a writer-launch site lauded by the NY Times; one garnering nomination for best Crime-Fiction Shorts; another whooshing cancer monsters away from little kiddos), Absolutely*Kate is published and interviewed in award-winning ezines, readership-blogsites, podcasts and rousing multi-genre international collaboratives of intrigue/noir as well as fantasy/pulp-fiction.
She creates, showcases and presents at her necklace of sites, soaring worthy authors the more ~ *AT THE BIJOU* {"Writers' raves for Readers' faves"}, AUTHORS RISING, THE ESPRESSO CAFÉ, Women*Lovers*Friends & Mothers, and the new *SHADOWS KNOW* {an innovative excerpt-stage 'round WebTowne}. In the works and on the way she joins bootleggers, illusionists, rum-runners, and OSS forerunners of the CIA with Detective Nelle Callahan via ebook ~ DOUBLE*DOG*DARE DAMES . . . novella ~ THE DAMP FEDORA . . . plus first and second novels ~ "HOLY MOXIE!" and "SCARE ME UP A DREAM".
Absolutely*Kate looks to the starboard side for fair winds, following seas and 'blue skies, nuttin' but blue skies'. Keep a sharp eye to the horizon ~ She's adjusting mains'l and might for launching HARBINGER*33, {thirty-three authors, artists and authenticators}, THE SHADOWS OF OUR NOIR and THE RAT-PACK REVUE, {touting toughest talents taunting crime fiction to pay}.
An enthused member of the Private Eye Writers of America, Shamus Awards, Bouchercon International Crime-Writers attendee, and magnificent mystery's Sisters in Crime, this Femme Fatale author is brand ambassador for Noir Nation, punching out entry books into The Fight Card ring under the Jill Tunney label, pumping pulp fiction for Pro Se Press, conquering damnation cancer critters where they dare rear their ugly heads (not in Alaskan backyards), and ever and always finessing across US/UK ponds and Eastern European heritage shadows as author/promoter femme fatale.
Absolutely*Kate extends grace o' her thanks to the multicultural readership of her horizons, looks forward to translations and transcendings. Humbly, honourably, she vows never-a-dull-moment, and ever a touch o' moxie. (World needs more moxie.)

Absolutely Kate has moxie for sure, and she is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob


Bleed by Lori Michelle (Sep 2, 2013)


6S, Volume 2 by Robert McEvily (Mar 25, 2009)


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6S, Volume 3 by Lydia Davis and Kathleen A. Ryan (Apr 28, 2010)

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Action: Pulse Pounding Tales Volume 1 by Paul D Brazill, James Oliver Hilton, Col Bury and Richard Godwin (May 2, 2012)


Action: Pulse Pounding Tales Volume 2 by Matt Hilton, Richard Godwin, Paul D Brazill and Rod Glenn (Jun 4, 2013)


Grimm Tales by Loren Eaton, Nigel Bird, Blu Gilliand and Kaye George (Dec 19, 2011)



  1. Holy cow -- Holy mackerel -- and just for the halibut -- there's nuttin' fishy goin' on here . . . Great balls of fire, folks -- I've been saluted by a BLAZE!

    And what an honour to be a noirtorious Horrific in this hallowed hall of fame this Bub hauls on out. Every book up there, every cool-ass author I've written pages alongside has stretched my reach to blue skies, nuttin' but blue skies -- glad this dame is to take on challenges and rat-a-tat-tat words where they may shoot their mark in a quicksilver mind that never saw 'em comin'.

    Grace o' my thanks to the macabre McRob and editors/publishers that lured my allure on in. It's gonna keep on comin' folks ... along with shipshape journeys that raise high the mains'l for how worthy authors I know deserve to have the world know of their get up and go.

    ( I do think Dr. Seuss may be a distant relative at times ... but I KNOW that shadows and the waltz of words on a crime spree when horrrrrror comes to holler alongside the groovy greats Blaze gets so fired up about . . . is what makes each tip-tap-type of the venerable keyboard all the more adventurous. )

    Keep the lights out, will ya ...
    and pour You some wine.

    All the better to savour.

    ~ Absolutely*Kate

  2. Ah, my friend, you are nothing if not marvelous. How you spin the Noir whilst others look on in bewilderment is a mystery in and of itself. Whenever I think about taking a plunge into writing some gadabout boistrous Noir of my own I know only too well where I need shuffle my shoes and don my fedora to learn the way the majestic words are laid out. My friend Absolutely Kate is the master.