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Panel 35 by Becca Boucher is one great Memorial Day read! This is the best Memorial Day story I have yet read, although it can be appreciated any time of the year. Don't miss out! Buy it now!

Blaze McRob

Book Description

May 20, 2014
Every year, Rachel meets with her father at the Vietnam War Memorial. Panel 35. They only spend one hour with each other and she doesn't see him again until they meet the next year. This year he is late and she worries he may not show. Blake, a young soldier paying his respects notices Rachel and stops to speak with her. While she waits, they talk and then something happens that Blake never expected and he realizes that his being there is part of a bigger plan.
 Becca Boucher (1975-) was born in Worcester Massachusetts and remains a lifelong New England resident. Which can be seen in the settings of her novels. Her first published work appeared in the Write More Publications anthology Novel Hearts (2013) which will be followed by her novel Hunting The Moon in the fall of 2013. Hunting The Moon is the first in a three book paranormal romance series set in central Massachusetts.
Ms. Boucher is a freelance blogger and writer, and mom to two wonderful sons. You can follow her blog, My Life With Books and Boys at

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