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Natasha Ewendt is my Woman In Horror today! Natasha's great book This Freshest Hell is up on Amazon. It is paranormal horror. Natasha mixes Goth, alternative music, and psychic abilities with her spell of horror. This creates a rather chilling effect. Of course, demons are not to be denied their just due either.

Natasha is working on the sequel and the third book to This Freshest Hell. These will be different than the first and will add in more sci-fi elements. I am looking forward to these because I love when horror and sci-fi are combined. The two genres make for a perfect mix. She also has more dark fiction and even a romance project.

Like most authors, Natasha's favorite part of the creation of a story is the transformation of a thought to paper or keyboard. Editing, of course, is not exactly a thing of joy.

Natasha likes to try to shine a positive light on the Dark side of things for her readers, but she is a realist, like me, and understands that maybe the positive aspects are not that positive. To me, that means she is honest.

I am really impressed with Natasha's Goodreads blog  and her Woman In Horror Month Author Showcase. A number of my Women In Horror were showcased here. There is lot's of great information to be garnered from these posts. Check them out, but don't stop there. Read her other posts as well. They are all very informative. I notice a number of my friends are using Goodreads as a site for blogging. In Natasha's case, it is a super great idea.


Natasha Ewendt is the author of This Freshest Hell, released through Lacuna Publishing.
Natasha began her foray into creative writing at the age of four when she crafted “Cool Sharks”, an illustrated masterpiece about sharks who ditch the ocean’s depths for the waves and become “surfer dudes”, donning sunnies and surfboards and spouting terribly cool ’80s terms such as “rad”. This magnum opus was inspired by the infamous sharks and surfers of her hometown Port Lincoln, South Australia, where she still resides. She has since, sadly, moved on from poorly illustrated books about cool sharks.
Often (rather rightfully) compared to Daria of the eponymous animation, Natasha has to her name 14 years of newspaper journalism, a children’s book Dragontide and short stories published in magazines. She hopes to add to this a few extremely disturbing novels exploring her favourite theme: all things dark and twisty.
Favorite Books
The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde
Interview with the Vampire - Anne Rice
Frankenstein - Mary Shelley
Let the Right one in - John Ajvide Lindqvist
Dexter series - Jeff Lindsay

Amazon bio:

Natasha is a lifelong word obsessive. Her first book, vampire novel This Freshest Hell was released by Sydney publisher Lacuna in June 2013. She is also a journalist at the Port Lincoln Times newspaper in South Australia and runs Port Lincoln Copywriting Services. Often (rather rightfully) compared to Daria of the eponymous animation, she is reluctantly addicted to coffee and The Walking Dead.

Natasha is a charming woman and definitely loves to write about the Dark side of things. She is also a huge supporter of her fellow authors. Natasha Ewendt is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob


This Freshest Hell by Ewendt, Natasha (Jun 15, 2013)

Book Description

June 15, 2013
When the new goth girl in town Maggie befriends town misfit Lily, they discover more in common than their taste in alternative music: a disdain for the "popular" and "normal", psychic abilities, and the same dark secret.

United in their struggle against society’s rules, Lily frequently wishes for death while Maggie wants a better kind of existence — and revenge.

When a dark spell performed in teenage despair is invoked years later, they are plunged into the demon world, a world that has its own rules, family bonds, and mortal enemies they never even knew existed.

Suddenly the darkness within, the victim’s desire for power over aggressors, and blood lust become literal matters of life and death. Lily and Maggie are forced to question what they really value — including each other.

5.0 out of 5 stars Hang on to your seat! October 8, 2013
Whew! Natasha's book captured me in the first few pages, fast paced, edgy dialogue with characters I really related to.
I needed to know more, and couldn't put this book down. I loved the brutal honesty and willingly followed her down the dark places she took me to.
Bravo on an excellent first novel and can't wait to read more! 


  1. Huge thanks Blaze for featuring me - you've done a great job! Hugely appreciated. And thankyou for being such a great supporter of women in horror :)

  2. It was my pleasure, Natasha. You write so well and do so much for other authors. How could you not be a Woman In Horror? Perish the thought!