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Kate Monroe is my Woman In Horror today! Kate is a super author and a super person as well. Her picture here is not the usual one I am accustomed to seeing. Obviously, she does not look like an ink well and pen, but since that is what she chose to go with on her Amazon page, that is what I will put here. I remember her for her super red hair.

She is an English author with a flair for horror, the color black -except her hair- Steampunk, loud guitars, red wine, and science. Alrighty! Paranormal and erotica tales also find their way into her writing. She is also an editor, having edited for Sirens Call Publications and others.

I first met Kate when she submitted a fantastic story for Satan's Toybox: Demonic Dolls . Angelic Knight Press published this anthology, and it was our first one. Turns out, it was the first published story for Kate. How cool is that? Her story is Lullaby. Angelic Knight Press had an interesting selection process. Stacey Turner, Quinn Cullen, and I voted on all the stories. Two out of three, and the story was in. Kate's was a three out of three. We all loved it. I found the below post on Kate's website 
Of course, I had to steal it and bring it over here, since I am very proud of the anthology, and since Kate obviously is proud of her story, what could be better?

Satan’s Toybox: Demonic Dolls

During the course of my maternity leave, I’ve scheduled a number of posts to take a look back at the stories I’ve published since I began writing professionally back in 2011. Today it’s the very first story I ever had published; one which, for that reason, holds a very special place in my own personal archives.
When I wrote Lullaby and submitted it to Angelic Knight Press for their debut anthology, Satan’s Toybox: Demonic Dolls, I genuinely had no expectation that it would be picked up by them. I loved the story from the moment of its conception and believed I’d written it to the best of my ability, but at that time I had no yardstick to judge myself  by, no idea if what I’d written was up to the standards that even a fledgling publisher would demand and deserve.
I can still remember that moment of seeing the acceptance email in my inbox, barely able to believe what I saw in front of me. It was the first real confirmation that I wasn’t wasting my time, and even though I’ve been fortunate to receive many such emails since then, that email still sits in my inbox as a reminder of just why I still take a deep breath and send my stories off to the publisher to be dissected and torn apart at will. I actually sat  down and reread Lullaby whilst writing this blog, and despite how much I’ve learned about writing since then, I’m still immensely proud of that first short horror story I wrote.
The inspiration for it was very simple; the rows of porcelain dolls my mother loved to collect, all staring down at me from on high with their glassy eyes that seemed to see so very much. They badly unnerved me as a child, and even now as a (slightly more) rational adult, I still won’t have them in my house; something I don’t think writing Lullaby helped with!
I’ve worked with the team at Angelic Knight Press again since the release of Demonic Dolls, and I can’t speak highly enough of them. They’ve grown in leaps and bounds since the anthology that marked a debut for the both of us, and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you submit to them if you have a novel or short story that you think could be a good fit for them.
Satan’s Toybox: Demonic Dolls on Amazon US/UK

Since then, Kate's career has jumped by leaps and bounds. She has written many quality tales and has much to be proud of. I have to say that I am thrilled Kate got her start with Angelic Knight Press. Also, she should be an outstanding role model for authors wondering if they have the talent to work in the craft. Write and submit, my friends, and one day you can find that magic acceptance in your email for one of your stories. And then . . . and then, the sky is the limit!

Amazon bio:

Kate Monroe is a red-headed author and editor who lives in a quiet and inspirational corner of southern England. She has penchants for chocolate, horror and loud guitars, and a fatal weakness for red wine.
Her interests in writing range from horror to erotica, taking in historical romance and tales of the paranormal on the way; whatever she has dreamed about the night before is liable to find its way onto the page in some form or another...

Kate is a super author, editor, mother, and a great role model for all authors. Kate Monroe is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob


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