Tuesday, May 6, 2014



Got Milk by Leslie Moon is this week's Terror Tuesday! This poem is filled with despair and horror. Some of the people leaving comments about it like the final stanza the most. Evil Blaze prefers the second to the last stanza. Read Leslie's wonderful Dark poem and decide for yourself.

Read more of Leslie's great works on our website, as well as the rest of the twisted Damnlings. We'll keep the Dark on for you . . .

Got Milk?

Pushed to the edge of despair
this rocky place offers no hope
fear lapping ankles around
against empty waters we grope
silent, though nothing is still
fear pounds loudly our hearts
no where have we left to hide
cold surrounds each, every part
though I stand here in a crowd
ice-cube tray we all huddle
so alone am I in this moment
shivering my blood froths til
it bubbles
the predator, dark he has come
my bones weaken and shudder
they know but their glance faints away
no consolation have we left to utter
past this place my eyes strain to gaze
beyond, bare feet rub raw
our ancestors’ bones all the same
torn clean, foul consuming claw
child’s distant cry distills thoughts
though sanguine I have become
what courage there once was
I offer myself that you might run
slowly the creature now circles
selection part of its way
it has broken much in its jaws
I offer to be its next prey
Large “It” opens like a cave
stalactite are its teeth that rake
dripping with frosty blood
putrid tunnel offers no escape
will memory mine be but a creature belch
bravery had run out its course
screaming meets my ears
 my own that have now been scorched
I am but an appetizer
“flee” last words from my lips
“before you become the main meal”
metered crunching I hear as it rips
how quiet are the skulls
resting as stones a score
laying once living and free
no more on this cavernous floor
~ Leslie Moon

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