Sunday, April 20, 2014


Juliet Blackwell is my Woman In Horror today! Juliet is probably better known for her super Art Lovers Mystery Series which she writes as Hailey Lind with her sister Carolyn J. Lawes. This series is about an ex-art forger trying to go straight by working as a muralist and faux finisher in San Francisco. The first of these, Feint of Art, was nominated for an Agatha Award; Shooting Gallery and Brush with Death were both IMBA bestsellers, and Arsenic and Old Paint is now available from Perseverance Press.

If Juliet can write mystery tales, why not Witchcraft mysteries? No reason not to, so she does. Her Witchcraft Mystery series is quite charming: to a point, of course. Add in witches and the supernatural, and we have a great genre overlap of the best kind. I appreciate the fact Julie takes the things she is most interested in and knows the most about and weaves her magic into her stories.

I am intrigued with the premise for the Witchcraft series. San Francisco and Haight Street have so much history already, but Julie tosses in a Witch who operates a vintage clothes shop. Imagine the shopping experience there. But once again, we read about witchcraft from the complex and all encompassing mind that is Juliet. She has been around the world and studied many cultures and, of course, within these cultures resides many urban legends and mystical practices. Julie is especially intrigued with Latin America, which I am as well. Maybe if we all ask her, she will write some specific stories about these settings and spin the witchcraft in. Hint, hint! 

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