Sunday, March 2, 2014


Soledad Medrano is my Woman In Horror today! There will not be any long Amazon list of books published with five star reviews and such. Soledad has no books on Amazon. Yet. However, I'll give her a Five Star Rating any day of the week!

If you want in your face, real life horror, go to Soledad's website  . You will find plenty of it there.

I bumped into Soledad on my Facebook page. She was making a lot of nice comments about my Women In Horror, liking the posts, and more. Well, I was intrigued by how nice she is and went searching around. What I found was remarkable.

I knew I wanted her to be one of my Women In Horror, but she writes under a pseudonym to protect the privacy of her family and friends. So, I asked her if it would be okay. She said she would be happy to be a Woman In Horror.

That brings me to this point. I write some pretty gritty horror tales. A lot of it I take from real life non-fiction and add fiction to it. I love to have people wonder what is true and what is not. I've been involved in wars, been bullied as a child - although I always fought back; it was easier in those days - had a mother I hated, and didn't fare too well with my marriages. But, that is nothing compared to the horrors Soledad has had to face over the years. I won't say here what the worst of it is because I would like for my readers to read in on Soledad's website in her own words. I will say this: as far as I'm concerned, this is the worst possible horror that anyone can face. It is flat out horrendous! Even now, sitting at my desk, punching away on the keyboard, I am shaking in anger at the injustice done to my friend! And yet . . . and yet somehow, she has risen above it to become the wonderful lady she is.

As she says on her site:

"One Writer's Soul
Always laying it bare, one word at a time."

The very fact she faced this in the manner she did, and is working as much as she can to help and inform others of these horrors, astounds me. Presented with the same conditions, I would be the most vengeful person on the planet. My heart bleeds for what she has gone through, but her smile above warms me up. Please, take the time to go to her website and read her words.

Soledad writes erotic romance, freelance articles, and poetry. I know she will burst upon the writing scene in a big way. She has endured the worst that life could toss at anyone and conquered it. Anything else is a cake-walk.

Soledad Medrano is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob

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