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Leslie Moon is my Woman In Horror today! Leslie wears many hats when it comes to creativity, and horror is one of them. I have stolen a short story from off the website of the Pen Of The Damned that shows the dark things hiding within her soul, needing to get out. You can read it at the bottom of this post. She has many of her poems and short stories on the pages of the Pen Of The Damned.
All of her lovely works can be read there for free. What are you waiting for? Get over there now!

One of the great things about writing my Women In Horror posts is that I find so many wonderful things I never before knew about these great ladies. Leslie, in particular, stands out. Her website  is not only a gorgeous creation, but it tells much about Leslie as a person. I never knew how a woman with such a kind heart had become a member of The Pen Of The Damned. I mean, I'm in that group, and we all know the kind of guy I am. But we all don't have to spew brimstone and damnation the way I do. Leslie's approach is much more refined and reflective. Her horror, her Dark side, emanates from having taken many jolts while traveling the pot-hole filled road known as real life.

She is also known as Moondustwriter. In her own words below:


Writing is one of my passions. I am a published christian author, poet and photographer. I have written, as well as edited, for periodicals, radio, ministries.

I am an advocate for the arts and the special needs community - my passions lie there as well.

On the dark side of the moon, I can be found hanging out with Pen of the Damned.

If you are on twitter I am @moondustwriter

I am Moondustwriter. The moon is part of me, writing is the way I express myself, and the dust is my medium. Some create with paint, while others create with  pen.  I create with  moon dust and a lot of imagination.
On this blog you will see the writer, the storyteller, the poet, the artist, photographer, and the advocate.
Who am I?  Today will be different than tomorrow. Get to know me and what I am passionate about today through my blogs.

You will see to the depths of my heart, my struggles, my faith in my poems. What you will find there  is years of striving.  Poetry is a wonderful media for discovery and expression. I hope through some of these words you find inspiration.
In real life, I have been in the healthcare field, teacher, photographer, radio script writer,  inspirational speaker, editor. I’ve  published children’s fiction, elementary curriculum, healthcare curriculum, poetry.  I am the co-founder of the  award-winning (2011 Shorty Award in Arts) blog One Stop Poetry. I am the co-founder of several non-profits serving children.
As I reemerge from the dark side of the moon, I am editing novels for several suspense crime authors, writing with a fabulous group of horror writers at Pen of the Damned, and rediscovering my love for drawing.
On the horizon – The Artist’s Daughter ,  a series of epic historical novels, working with a team writing and videotaping an art history  chronicling the work of my talented mother.
I love life, my family, teaching children in any country, and Jesus (not in that order)
Photography: “Just another beautiful Cali Sunset ” copyright L. Moon 2011
“A Tear” copyright L. Moon 2012

Her words are better than mine at explaining who she is, but more needs to be told. Leslie is a member of Visionary Press Collaborative. Knowing her faith and her kind spirit, I hinted around that perhaps she would like to be our Christian Publication Director. She readily accepted, and, of course, I'm over the top happy because of it. Also, with the experience she has in so many areas, one of them being non-profits, I asked if she would also be our Non-Profit Director. Once more, she said yes. Per what she wrote above, it is quite evident she is no new-comer to this.

Now, we add her photography, short fiction stories for children, and poetry and haiku to bring an even more complex picture to the lady who is Moondustwriter. I'm not finished, though. She pays special homage to children with disabilities. That alone endears me to her.

Another one of her passions is helping out the homeless. This is a growing problem in this country, and it goes far beyond what many people think of people standing around on street corners, dirty, and taking pulls on a bottle concealed within a paper bag. What about Women and children on the streets with no place to go? Many of them, as she says, are stories of predators and prey. Should they be looked down on because they are caught between a rock and a hard place? No way! Leslie works with these folks and writes poetry to help lift their spirits. Go to her website for even more personal information. I did.

It is pretty obvious to me, and, I'm certain to my readers as well, that Leslie writes tales of real-life terror. Leslie Moon is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob

The Bowl

A bowl filled with liquid; it had always been so.
The bowl looked as if it was heavy needing a substantial stand and yet it was suspended just feet above the foliage that caressed its underside.
It filled from an unknown spring, but how? My deductions and observations failed me.
I watched as creatures bounded to the bowl leaving refreshed and apparently younger.
A colorless butterfly dipped and as it rose it appeared as if the sun had painted each color filled line to perfection. It dripped feathery gold drops as it fluttered away.
The bowl filled instantly again with cool refreshing water.
A sweet voice would call to  me.
“Drink”, it said. “Go ahead just one sip.”
Day after day as I took copious research notes, I heard it.
It was like a Siren beckoning me closer to the rocks of the unknown harbor.
I wore ear plugs that worked at first but slowly failed.
Loud music was drowned out by the sweet, melodic voice “DRINK.”
Then one day a promise carried over the hush.
A fawn dragged her lifeless, bloodied leg. She was almost spent. She left healed.
The flora clapped as the fawn departed.
“You will be more. Just ask one thing. It must give it to you.”
This bowl of unquenchable water was the fountain of youth, it was the healing pool of Bethesda, it dripped the gold and silver of Midas’ valued touch.
“I’m a scientist.” I growled. “I ‘m here for observation only.”
I heard a low laugh that withered with the night.
And then one day it happened, I fell. As I picked myself up, I noticed a thorn in my leg. Absentmindedly I removed the thorn. It was nothing.
Later that day, my leg began throbbing. I set down my notepad. My leg was three-times its normal size.
“Now you must use the waters.”
The once sweet voice was cruel.
“I cannot!” I struggled to project resolve.
“Then you will die.”
Stubbornly, I dragged my leg about.
I don’t know how many days I did this.
I held my head that was growing fuzzy in hands I could not feel.
I knew I would never get out alive.
“What must I do?” I wailed.
I hobbled closer to the bowl than I had ever dared.
A hush covered the forest. It was as if nature waited.
I looked about it and then I looked in the waters.
A face stared back at me.
It was death loosely hanging over bones that once resembled a face.
“Is that me?” I trembled at the thought.
I dipped my head into the bowl.
“Heal me from this poisonous death,” I begged
I looked at the bowl as it refilled.
Moisture dripped from my face.
I put out my hand to catch the drops.
It was blood – my blood.
“I now have what I have needed for eons.”
“Human blood – fool!”
It ran freely. I could not stop my life dripping from my pores.
“Now you see what you can do with this curse.” The once sweet voice had a different tone. Strong, more than human and then it was gone.
I felt cold and alone.
I could no longer feel my legs or my arms. I felt so heavy.
I looked up into a concave reality.
I had become the bowl.
Cursed to quench but never have my thirst quenched.
To heal and never be healed unless it was at the sake of another poor fool.
~ Leslie Moon
© Copyright 2014 Leslie Moon. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Well I'll be horrified. Thanks Blaze I'm foaming at the mouth for the occasion

  2. You are most welcome, Leslie. Foaming at the mouth makes you even a greater Woman Of Horror!