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Ania Ahlborn is my woman In Horror today! Ania is one superb author. Her tales are at the very edge of what horror is all about. Morbid, mysterious, and dark are the footprints left in your mind as you read her stories.

She started out as quite a maverick, doing everything herself, and forging ahead in the self-publishing world. Little by little, fame came, and, along with it, much success. Her books are all among the very top of the list in horror, paranormal, and more on the Amazon charts. Now, she no longer has to do things all alone and can spend more time on her writing.

An interesting point about Ania is that after all her early self-publishing work, she is now with Amazon Publishing and liking it. She describes herself as a sell-out as far as self-publishing goes. People can look at it however they wish. An author should do what they consider is the best deal for them. She made the right choice for her. I was with the Big Six for many years under different names, and just because I would not revert back doesn't mean I begrudge anyone else from going the "traditional" route. What Ania did works for her. More power to her.

Read her super blog  and find some amazing tips and info. She keeps up to date with everything happening in the world of publishing. I was looking through it last night and was quite intrigued.

All of Ania's books are dark. The Seed is my favorite. This tale shows how hard it is to escape a particular horror. This one is brutal! You'll never look at six year old children the same. Hint, hint.

The Shuddering is another great one. Out in the forest, something lurks, un-named monsters wanting to close in on the inhabitants of a cabin.

The Neighbors is pure psychological horror. A poor guy leaves his alcoholic mother to find a happy place and, instead, winds up in a neighborhood where the perfect house is anything but. This is a must read.

The Bird Eater is one scary sucker where ghosts could very well be inhabiting an old home. Or are they? Hmmn.

So, my friends, any way you look at it, Ania Ahlborn is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob

Born in Ciechanow Poland, Ania has always been drawn to the darker, mysterious, and sometimes morbid sides of life. Her earliest childhood memory is of crawling through a hole in the chain link fence that separated her family home from the large wooded cemetery next door. She'd spend hours among the headstones, breaking up bouquets of silk flowers so that everyone had their equal share.
Beyond writing, Ania enjoys gourmet cooking, baking, movies, drawing, and traveling. She currently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico with her husband and two dogs, Beau the Scottie and Galaxy the Yorkie.
Learn more about Ania on her site,, where you can sign up for a direct-from-the-author newsletter on new releases, promos, and more.
Want to connect? Follow Ania on Twitter @aniaahlborn, or find her on Facebook at

Seed by Ahlborn, Ania (Jul 17, 2012) 

  Book Description

July 17, 2012
With nothing but the clothes on his back—and something horrific snapping at his heels—Jack Winter fled his rural Georgia home when he was still just a boy. Watching the world he knew vanish in a trucker’s rearview mirror, he thought he was leaving an unspeakable nightmare behind forever. But years later, the bright new future he’s built suddenly turns pitch black, as something fiendishly familiar looms dead ahead.
When Jack, his wife Aimee, and their two small children survive a violent car crash, it seems like a miracle. But Jack knows what he saw on the road that night, and it wasn’t divine intervention. The profound evil from his past won’t let them die…at least not quickly. It’s back, and it’s hungry; ready to make Jack pay for running, to work its malignant magic on his angelic youngest daughter, and to whisper a chilling promise: I’ve always been here, and I’ll never leave.
Country comfort is no match for spine-tingling Southern gothic suspense in Ania Ahlborn’s tale of an ordinary man with a demon on his back. Seed plants its page-turning terror deep in your soul, and lets it grow wild.

Editorial Reviews

From Booklist

"Incorporating elements from such genre classics as The Exorcist, Poltergeist, and Bad Seed, but telling its own story, this horror novel contains moments of genuine terror that should stick with readers long after they’ve finished the book. The story seems simple enough: Jack and his family (wife Aimee, daughters Abby and Charlie) survive a car accident, but afterward, six-year-old Charlie seems to change, to take on a new and frightening personality. Aimee struggles to understand what’s going on with her little girl, but Jack already knows: the horror that came to him when he was a child has found him again. Ahlborn doesn’t pull any punches here, delivering a story that is atmospheric and brutal, with an ending that is absolutely correct and absolutely horrifying. Genre fans should be enthusiastically pointed in this novel’s direction."
 — David Pitt


"Seed is great horror—a dark, fearless, unflinching blast of suburban spookiness that reminded me of early Stephen King. It's easily the best debut novel—in any genre—that I've read in years."
--Blake Crouch, bestselling horror and thriller author.

5.0 out of 5 stars The root of evil May 30, 2011
Format:Kindle Edition
"Seed," is an instant classic full of traditional elements brilliantly woven into something completely new by the author's clean, crisp prose, creepy imagination and too-real dialogues. In the story, Jack Winter is a husband and father of two struggling for money. After a glimpse of something strange crossing in front of his car one night leads to a car accident with his whole family in the vehicle, things in the Winter household take a turn for the worse.

Jack's six year old daughter, Charlie, is the smallest of the Winter's. After the accident, she suddenly develops an attitude problem and has problems sleeping. As things start to go south with Charlie, Ahlborn teasingly unveils Jack's past. The result is a gripping, spine-chilling story told against the background of the Deep South. While using a child to tell a horror story is not new (think "The Omen," "The Exorcist," "Poltergeist," etc.), little Charlie gains the reader's sympathy even through her darkest moments. Also, by having a second child in the picture, Charlie's ten year-old sister, Abby, we have more than one point of view of what's going on. A particularly gruesome scene with the family dog is the perfect example of how a six year old can be the scariest thing in the world.

With the Southern Gothic Georgia and Louisiana as the background to the story, "Seed" scares the reader based on verisimilitude: one gets the sense that stories like this happen in Louisiana every once in a while. Ahlborn developed very strong, believable characters we've all met at some point.

While the story is very solid, enthralling and moves at the perfect pace, the end of the story is what truly sets this novel apart from anything else out there and the reason why you should get "Seed" as soon as it hits the market on June 1. The tremendous buildup might lead readers to expect a classic, Hollywood resolution. Instead, Ahlborn has crafted an ending that cuts through your expectations like a scalpel and leaves you thinking about it way after the last word. The visceral, violent ending is a testament to Ahlborn's talent and an invitation to expect more great books from her.


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The Shuddering by Ahlborn, Ania (Jun 18, 2013)

Book Description

June 18, 2013
Ryan Adler and his twin sister, Jane, spent their happiest childhood days at their parents’ mountain Colorado cabin—until divorce tore their family apart. Now, with the house about to be sold, the Adler twins gather with their closest friends for one last snowboarding-filled holiday. While commitment-phobic Ryan gazes longingly at Lauren, wondering if his playboy days are over, Jane’s hopes of reconciling with her old boyfriend evaporate when he brings along his new fiancée. As drama builds among the friends, something lurks in the forest, watching the cabin, growing ever bolder as the snow falls…and hunger rises.
After a blizzard leaves the group stranded, the true test of their love and loyalty begins as the hideous creatures outside close in, one bloody attack at a time. Now Ryan, Jane, and their friends must fight—tooth and nail, bullet and blade—for their lives. Or else surrender to unspeakable deaths in the darkened woods.


5.0 out of 5 stars Revenge of the Sleestacks May 3, 2013
Format:Paperback|Amazon Vine Review (What's this?)
This book rocked!! I haven't read a scary book in years, usually opting for modern fiction and literature. Something about the cover of this book drew me to it and I am so glad it did. By now you've probably read the synopsis so I won't go into the plot, but what a plot it was. While simple in theme it is the writing that makes this book a winner. The characters are highly relatable, one almost feels as if they are one of the friends chosen to attend the skiing weekend in Colorado. The atmosphere is chillingly described. I felt cold when the characters were cold and warm when they were in front of the fire.

The real stars of this book are the unnamed monsters. While described in great detail the reader is never told what kind of creatures these are or from where they came. The best image I could muster was that of the Sleestacks from the Saturday morning show "Land of the Lost." These creatures are pure evil!

Another winning aspect of the book was the dialogue. I work in a high school and these twenty-somethings spoke exactly like my students, expletives included. The pacing of this book is phenomenal. Once the action starts there is no slowing down until the last page. Which brings up the ending. I didn't like the ending because I wanted more...a LOT more. However, this ending also opens up the possibility of a sequel. Or a movie!! I highly recommend this book. It will forever change the way you think about spending a peaceful weekend in a romantic ski lodge.



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The Neighbors by Ahlborn, Ania (Nov 27, 2012)

Book Description

November 27, 2012
Andrew Morrison sacrificed everything—his childhood, his education, and the girl of his dreams—to look after his alcoholic mother. But enough is enough, and now he’s determined to get out and live his life. That means trading the home he grew up in for a rented room in the house of an old childhood friend—both of which are in sorry shape.
The only thing worse than Drew’s squalid new digs and sullen new roommate is the envy he feels for the house next door: a picture-perfect suburban domicile straight out of Norman Rockwell, with a couple of happy householders to match. But the better acquainted he gets with his new neighbors—especially the sweet and sexy Harlow Ward—the more he suspects unspeakable darkness beyond the white picket fence.
At the intersection of Blue Velvet and Basic Instinct lies The Neighbors, an insidiously entertaining tale of psychological suspense and mounting terror by the boldest new master of the form, Ania Ahlborn.


Editorial Reviews

From Booklist

Andrew Morrison is at loose ends, fed up with caring for his alcoholic mother and living out his life in a dying Kansas town. His break-out is to the nearby town in which his old friend Mickey lives, offering a chance to do something new. Although it’s not a big move physically, it is big enough psychologically to keep Andrew second-guessing the wisdom of his decision until he meets his neighbor, Harlow Ward, a woman who looks as if she’s the 1950s ideal of the perfect wife. She wears dresses and heels and bakes cookies, welcoming Andrew to the neighborhood. Despite his misgivings about Mickey’s sloth and squalor and the relentless chirpiness of Harlow’s devoted husband, Red, Andrew settles in and finds himself caught in a disturbing tableau. Ahlborn slowly builds suspense in this horror story of seeming suburban bliss. --Vanessa Bush


"Discovering a new female, horror author is a rare find indeed, especially one who truly understand the subtlety of a good scare. The Neighbors is a chilling look at what can potentially lie beneath the surface of classic Americana. Under the circumstance, calling Ania Ahlborn a "breath of fresh air" is probably about as appropriate as a fit of giggles at a funeral. So instead let's just say she's surprising and skin-crawly and as much fun as getting the snot scared out of you at your local haunted house."-Black Gate

"The Neighbors will have you guessing until the very end. The characters are full of mystery and intrigue that keep you glued to the pages... I love mystery, suspense and thriller and this book delivered it all." -Beautybrite

"Ahlborn has a keen eye for detail and through her narration, she transports you into Andrew’s world. Reading the novel is reminiscent of a vivid nightmare you wake up from: the imagery is so real, but it’s all in your imagination. The struggle the author addresses, replacing a void with the idea of a quaint and flawless home life, is very much real. The readers can relate to a character like Andrew, but maybe not to the extent of hopelessness that he has experienced."

"...tailor-made for readers who get completely excited about the creepy-crawly ‘Stephen King-y’ world. And…just between us…if you’re still afraid of Nightmare on Elm Street after all these years, wait till you get a load of the evil on Magnolia Lane!"
-Suspense Magazine

"Ania Ahlborn’s stunning and terrifying psychological thriller, The Neighbors, is a breathtaking journey into the desperate and gruesome underbelly of the suburban dream...a psychological thriller that will wrap you around its twisted finger in two seconds flat...Lit with equal parts beauty and horror, The Neighbors is an exquisitely terrifying ride through the landscape of the subconcious of evil."


4.0 out of 5 stars Happy to have a new author to enjoy September 12, 2012
Format:Paperback|Amazon Vine Review (What's this?)
I love a good psychological thriller, and Ania Ahlborn does not disappoint in her second novel, The Neighbors. I have now downloaded her first novel, Seed.

It's the most perfect of the homes in a perfect Leave It to Beaver neighborhood. But what lies behind the white picket fence? And why is the house next door, the one into which Andrew Morrison is moving, the only blight on an otherwise picturesque street?

Andrew is moving in with Mickey, a friend he hasn't seen since they were children. He wants to leave behind an unhappy childhood home and agoraphobic, alcoholic mother. However, his new roommate is in some sort of disagreement with the neighbors, Red and Harlow. Andrew can't figure out why, because Red and Harlow live in the perfect house and seem to be the perfect couple.

As another reviewer mentioned, I do wish that Ahlborn would have taken it to the next level and allowed it to become even more twisted, a la Blake Crouch and Jack Kilborn. But, there is a lot of promise here and I'm looking forward to reading more from her.


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The Bird Eater by Ahlborn, Ania (Apr 1, 2014)

Book Description

April 1, 2014
Twenty years ago, the mysterious death of his aunt left Aaron Holbrook orphaned and alone. He abandoned his rural Arkansas hometown vowing never to return, until his seven-year-old son died in an accident, plunging Aaron into a nightmare of addiction and grief. Desperate to reclaim a piece of himself, he returns to the hills of his childhood, to Holbrook House, where he hopes to find peace among the memories of his youth. But solace doesn’t come easy. Someone—or something—has other plans.
Like Aaron, Holbrook House is but a shell of what it once was, a target for vandals and ghost hunters who have nicknamed it “the devil’s den.” Aaron doesn’t believe in the paranormal—at least, not until a strange boy begins following him wherever he goes. Plagued by violent dreams and disturbing visions, Aaron begins to wonder if he’s losing his mind. But a festering darkness lurks at the heart of Holbrook House…a darkness that grins from within the shadows, delighting in Aaron’s sorrow, biding its time.


Other Formats: Audio CD

Saat: Roman (German Edition) by Ahlborn, Ania and Fricke, Kerstin (Jul 9, 2013)


Book Description

July 9, 2013
Mit nichts als den Kleidern, die er am Leib trug – und etwas Schrecklichem auf den Fersen – ist Jack Winter als Junge aus dem ländlichen Georgia geflohen. Als er mit ansah, wie die Welt, die er kannte, im Rückspiegel eines Trucks immer kleiner wurde, glaubte er, einen unaussprechlichen Albtraum für immer hinter sich zu lassen. Doch Jahre später verfinstert sich die rosige Zukunft, die er sich erhofft, immer mehr, als etwas erneut auftaucht, das ihm teuflisch vertraut ist.
Es ist wie ein Wunder, dass Jack, seine Frau Aimee und ihre beiden Kinder einen schweren Autounfall überleben. Doch Jack weiß, was er in dieser Nacht auf der Straße gesehen hat, und es hatte absolut nichts mit Gott zu tun. Das tiefgreifende Böse aus seiner Vergangenheit will sie nicht sterben lassen … zumindest nicht so schnell. Es ist wieder da, und es hat Hunger. Es will dafür sorgen, dass Jack bereut, vor ihm weggelaufen zu sein, es will seine bösartige Magie auf seine engelsgleiche jüngste Tochter wirken und es flüstert ihm ein schauriges Versprechen zu: Ich bin immer hier gewesen, und ich werde nie verschwinden.


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