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T.k. Millin is my Woman In Horror today! T.k. and I go back a ways. She wrote a terrific short story, Mr. Jingle for Angelic Knight Press' anthology, Satan's Toybox: Demonic Dolls. A most gruesome tale indeed! She has branched out and still writes great horror, as is evidenced by her collection of tales in Fiction In A Flash. These great stories are filled with horror and suspense and will show you her range of writing skills. But she also writes middle grade and adult mysteries and children's books. Shells For Hunter is one of these and is a great book, one with a message for both children and adults.

Now we come to a part of her writing that I have always loved: Efi Loo, the Cat Vamp. It just so happens that Efi Loo is a real tuna eating, black cat that has taken over T.k.'s home. Cats have a way of doing that. But this is no ordinary cat. This feline wonder is a Cat Vamp as well. Does this sound like horror? Of course it does. Does this sound like some humor might be involved? Bet your bippy. So, what I am thinking is that T.k. Millin should write some super Horror/Comedy tales starring . . . Efi Loo! T.k. has no idea I'm writing this and will think I have flipped out. Well, I do that a lot. But there is a market for Horror/Comedy. The biggest selling book for a Collaborative Press I am involved with just happens to be in this sub-genre.

I hope I have piqued T.k's interest. She and Efi Loo could go far! Visit her Goodreads Page and tell her Blaze said she needs to write some Efi Loo Tales.

So, my friends, T.k. Millin is one super Woman In Horror!


T.K. Millin lives on the West Coast of Florida known as, The Nature Coast, along with her husband, their feline family members; one of which is the infamous black sagacious feline, Efi Loo, The Cat Vamp!, and their newest edition, Bogart, a.k.a., Bogie Bear, a four-pound Chi-Poo who is nothing short of a four pound bundle of super-energy.
T.K. Millin's publications include: Shells For Hunter-Bedtime Stories on the Go! and Fiction in a Flash! Six Tales of Terror; both published by Efi Loo Publishing, Inc., and available exclusively at Amazon. Mr. Jingle, the tale of a doll who harbors an ancient gypsy curse, is featured in the anthology; Satan's Toybox: Demonic Dolls, published by Angelic Knight Press, and available at Amazon and Smashwords. She is the editor of, What Did You Just Say? True Quotes From Real Insurance Adjusters, published by Efi Loo Publishing, Inc., and available at Amazon.
In addition to writing, T.K. Millin is the President, and Editor-in-Chief, at Efi Loo Publishing, Inc. She is a proud member of Mystery Writers of America and Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.
When not writing, T.K. Millin can be found perusing real-life stories to turn into fictional ones, gardening, rescuing and finding a forever home for the occasional stray that wanders into her garden and, well, writing. Efi Loo? Let's just say, keep the tuna handy and watch your fingers, because cat vamp's love to bite!

Book Description

December 4, 2013
When the keeper of Twin Rocks Lighthouse is the last to hear a secret kept hidden by the towns people, he proves how deadly the forces of Mother Nature can be in, The Keeper.

After discovering a mysterious tree house deep within the Bayou, four friends learn that sometimes-scary legends can be true in, The Forbidden Tree House.

Having traveled ten million lights years from earth and landing on the planet dubbed, LBX One Nine, the crew of Deep Space Voyager sets out on an exploration into the strange barren landscape. However, the excitement of their new discovery quickly turns to horror when they find they are not alone in, The Other Side of Here.

These are just a few of the six tales of terror you’ll find in Fiction in a Flash! Each based on a different theme and under 1,500 words, you’re sure to find a story to satisfy your hunger for something new and different to read in a flash!

5.0 out of 5 stars Fiction in a Flash!, June 12, 2013
This review is from: Fiction in a Flash! Six Tales of Terror (Kindle Edition)
Six short stories that kept me riveted until I was done reading them all. Had me guessing as to what would happen next and each one surprised me in the end. Entertaining!

Editorial Reviews

From the Author

Writing Fiction in a Flash was a blast!
Mostly, I spend my time writing middle-grade and adult mysteries, along with an occasional children's short story.  For pleasure, I enjoy reading a good horror story so when a group of fellow authors approached and encouraged me to join their flash fiction community in the horror genre, my curiosity was peaked.
I continually look for ways to challenge myself as a writer and venturing into the world of flash fiction was a venue that pushed me beyond limits I never knew existed.  Developing a new story line each week, based around a theme, drove my imagination wild!  Having to write it in less than 1,500 words, pushed me to new heights!
Each of these stories began as one writer's desire to push their limits on a blank screen with a blinking cursor.  And in the end, wound up creating the pages of,  Fiction in a Flash!  Six Tales of Terror.      
"To write is to breathe, to breathe is to live; therefore, I live to write." -T.K. Millin   

From the Inside Flap

A little backstory about the tales you are about to read...
Welcome to the world of Flash Fiction!  Flash fiction was started by different communities of writers from all genres, who set out to challenge, and inspire, one another to write a short story (usually between 500 and 1500 words) each week based on a different theme.  This platform provided authors the opportunity to keep their creative juices flowing and to have their work read and critiqued by other writers.  After each chapter heading, you will find the theme the story was based on.
Thank you for your interest in Fiction in a Flash!  It is my desire this collection of six short tales takes you somewhere far, far, away; even if only for the very short time it will take you to read them.
T.K. Millin

Book Description

October 13, 2011
Remember when you got your first doll, that loveable companion who saw you through the best and worst of days? Remember when Barbie was the doll version of who you wanted to be when you grew up? Be careful what you wish for…

In the world of Satan’s Toybox, nothing is ever what it seems, and being Barbie might not be all it’s cracked up to be. None of the dolls in these stories are the harmless comforting companions you may remember. From a haunted dollhouse to possessed porcelain dolls; you’ll find mischief, mayhem and bloody murders in these 18 tales.

You’ll find Mexican "Worry Dolls" who will make you worry, a lonely woman's cherished companions, a little girl's vehicle for revenge, a beautiful doll with a strange taste for blood, an adult movie star's look alike doll, the strange world of Barbie, an evil doll maker’s minions, a witch's influential dolls, a dollhouse with revolving occupants, living dolls who punish the criminal, a foreign clown doll intent on possession, a lonely child's one true friend, a demon doll who collects the souls of the innocent, and a doll possessed by none other than Jack the Ripper.

So go ahead, turn out the lights, cuddle up and prepare to be terrified. Just don’t take your eyes off the toybox…

Book Description

October 1, 2012
First in the series, Bedtime Stories on the Go!, Shells For Hunter, is a delightful story of hope, courage and discovery.

On the night before his first treasure hunt along the Atlantic Ocean, Hunter dreams of where all the perfect sea shells that he'll find to place in his treasure box will come from...

When four different sea shells from the oceans of the world decide it's time to find a new home, they set out into the unknown in hopes of fulfilling their dreams. Clinging to hope, and sometimes a passing sea friend, they each discover the power of believing...

5.0 out of 5 stars Children's Bed Story August 16, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Accidentally bought this Book,but came in handy to read to a friends son at bedtime.He feel asleep and I finished the story!


  1. Blaze, I truly am honored, and humbled, by your recognition of one of the most talented cats in horror today, Efi Loo, The Cat Vamp! She loves your idea, and perhaps may take you up on it, someday. Thank you for spot- lighting my endeavors today. I know this may be hard to believe, but I am finding it difficult to conjure the words to express my gratitude.

  2. You and Efi Loo certainly deserve some great accolades, T.k.! I love all your books and your great blog posts. Efi Loo always looked so cool with that spiffy hat at Halloween. :) Have a super day, my friend!