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Nina D'Arcangela is my Woman In Horror today! She claims to be a quirky little horror chick, and she's spouting the truth. She and I are friends, not only in this whizz-bang business of writing off-beat horror tales, but we are personal friends as well. We are both members of The Pen Of The Damned, and have grown close to each other over the time we have shared the pages of The Pen and many other ventures.  Not in the way you might think, my friends. Physically, we have never met, but our minds connect in so many ways. Our writings might be different, but our beliefs in so much of what happens around us are so totally in sync. Nina's heart, mind, and soul are open to the cause of the underdog, the child who suffers, the women who undergo torture at the hands of sadistic bastards calling themselves men who think beating a woman makes them more of a man. I care and am concerned as well for these causes.

This is part of the motivation behind the mastery of Nina's prose and poetry. I believe if you check out her link at The Pen Of The Damned  you will see what I am talking about. Read her passages. Settle back, think about what you have just read, and read it again. More meaning will assuage your mind with every reading. Words that flow, creating a delectable story of meaning and substance, is what her stories are about. Her soul rending snippets of despair will surround you, bringing the world as it really is to your eyes, and reaching deep into your soul. Nina knows the Truth resides in the Dark. The Light is not real, my friends, not if you don't become aware of the dark and what is waiting for you there. Allow Nina to become your guide as you journey into a heightened state of awareness.  

Nina loves to photograph abandoned places, bits of decay, and old grave yards. Some of her fantastic photographs adorn the pages of  Women In Horror 2014: Featuring The Ladies Of The Sirens Call Issue #13.Okay, so I resided in New Jersey for many years and know of, and have even visited, these haunts on a number of occasions. But there is some spooky stuff here. Take a peek. you can download the issue for free!

She also collects odd, macabre things. Among her most prized possessions are a three-headed, bronze Tibetan ceremonial dagger, a perfectly preserved skeletal figure of a curled up, sleeping chipmunk she uncovered when renovating her home, and a 1683 leather bound version of the Bible in Latin, printed in miniscule proportions. She also collects 18th and 19th century leather bound texts, but says the Bible is a beauty.

On her blog , Nina is telling the world about great Women In Horror Authors, presenting to the world the majesty of many superb authors. And on another one of her blogs she is extolling the virtues of Ladies Of The Silver Scream. You're reading this right. I told you Nina is a class act. Nina gives back to the community of authors. Tell her you care about the great work she is doing. I have left you plenty of links to allow you to know she is the real deal.

Nian D'Arcangela is a woman In Horror!

Blaze Mcrob

This issue, Women In Horror 2014: Featuring The Ladies Of The Sirens Call Issue #13 contains stories and poems by women authors only. As if that's not enough, the ads running through the magazine are all ads for women's books. Is that cool or what?

One thing I really enjoy is the photography done by Nina D'Arcangela. I lived in New Jersey for many years and a lot of these old haunts, and I mean haunts, have been visited by me many times. Thanks, Nina!

I won't take your time with any more of my chatter. Go to the links and download this great magazine for free. Yes, free. I have the authors' names listed below with the titles of their stories and poems. Some of them are already some of my Women In Horror. And, heh, heh, a lot more are on my list to come.

Blaze McRobe Issue #13 - The Second Annual
orror Recognition Month Issue!
#13 - The Second Annual
Women in Horror Recognition Month Issue!

Nina's story Reemergence is in this great collection!

Book Description

May 25, 2012
Myth or reality… Explore the twelve tales of horror and intrigue in Twisted Realities: Of Myth and Monstrosity and ask yourself, what would you consider a fair price to pay for life immortal... or the chance of life at all? Would a young woman pass up a shiny bauble if she believed it to be nothing more than a harmless trinket? What transpires once a year in a peaceful and remote village that no one will ever speak of? What better way for a broken man to honor a crippled existence than with a memorial of blood and vengeance? How could a disfigured woman ever dream of chancing across an object that would restore her beauty - and at what cost? Follow the twists and turns of each writer as they delve into the legends of days gone by, as well as the consequences that are wrought when myths and monstrosities collide with our world.
Read Nina's story Bent Metal in this super collection!

Book Description

April 21, 2012
They haunt us all. Those whispered tales of monsters hiding under the bed, or of the demons lurking in the shadowy corner where we dare not glance for fear that seeing them will make them all too real. Oh, how the innocent landscape of a child’s imagination lends fertile soil to horrors ready to be sown on the slightest of sounds; the tales and the terror they wreak on our youthful minds never quite leave us. We asked the authors in this collection to reach into the forgotten recesses of their twisted minds and share with us the tales of nightmares that can only thrive in the hidden corners of a child’s imaginings; the bogeyman under the bed, the outlandishly fiendish creature lurking in the dark, the slight murmur of sound coming from the hall… did you close the door completely? Explore the myriad of terrors that only a child can twist from nothing into some ‘thing’ in the span of a single rapid breath. Do you dare delve into your own memories? Perhaps you’ll start sleeping with the lights on again... Tell us, who is Under the Bed?

Book Description

June 23, 2012
Trifecta—the second episode in the City of Hell Chronicles features three horrific tales of horror and suspense in a post bug-apocalyptic world. The great ant god, Maurr's reign of terror upon humanity continues from new perspectives. But from within this grim new world order, a small seedling of hope dares to penetrate the blood-soaked earth:

No Insects at Sea - by James Everington
A young isolated man from a remote island community thinks he's safe from Maurr's deadly reach, but when he comes across a drifting boat, he finds an unpleasant surprise within its hull—a discovery that threatens to shatter his hopes and beliefs.

The Harlot and the Bad Man - by Phil Ambler
Father Josef Friedricks takes care of a group of young survivors in an underground bunker. Tending to these waifs and strays, he tells them the story of Sophia: a mother who has to overcome terrible odds and deception. The story is more than just a tale to entertain the kids; it's a tale of grit, horror, and the extremes a mother is prepared to endure to survive.

Brethren - by Nina D'Arcangela
You'd think with the Great Maurr ascending to rule and taking his place at the top of the food chain his minions would be proud, but there's a dissenter in the ranks. A drone ant, fed up with the drudgery and his low rank, dares to learn more about what it means to take life, and what it means to consume and devour humans like the soldiers, the queens, and even Maurr himself to devastating consequences for both himself and the few remaining human survivors.

Nina wrote an editorial entitled Dark and what was that? Oh yeah- Edgy: An Editorial for this ezine.

Book Description

August 30, 2012
The Sirens Call eZine Issue #04 is a Dark & Edgy collection of stories from some of today's most twisted and deviant minds. Along with the tales of the odd, bizarre, and horrific, this issue also includes images from acclaimed photographer Eleanor Bennett; and an extended excerpt from Kate Monroe's upcoming novel "The Falcon's Chase".

Coffin Hop: Death by Drive-In by Tash, Red, Treadway, RL, Parypinski, Joanna and Garrett, Craig (Oct 21, 2013)

Book Description

October 21, 2013
COFFIN HOP: DEATH BY DRIVE-IN is the first collection of stories from the ranks of the annual Coffin Hop online horror extravaganza. Brains from Space! Robot Squids Gone Wild! Radioactive Microwave Men! Monster Mash Massacres! Crotch Tentacles! Werewolf lovin’! Vengeful Gods! Hot-Rod Hauntings! Alaskan Apocalypse! Vampire Seduction! Man-eating Toilet! Robot Lincoln & Zombie Jackson! Featuring interior art by the legendary Nik Seizure and an introduction by B-Movie expert and cult classic Stink of Flesh director Scott S. Phillips!

Get your popcorn ready and dim those headlights.

The Dusk ‘til Dawn is about to begin, and it’s gonna be killer, baby!

All profits from COFFIN HOP: DEATH BY DRIVE-IN will be donated to!

Visit us on the web at


5.0 out of 5 stars Creepy Fun That Pushed All The Right Buttons January 3, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
One of the best horror anthologies I have read. Each story is short and sweet and there is always that little chill of what if lurking. I will admit that often in reading an anthology, I find only a couple of stories that I enjoy and that I am ambivalent about much of the others; however, this treat pushed the right buttons. I enjoyed almost every one of these offerings with the exception of one that scared the wits out of me; nope I am not saying which one, I will let you discover these chills all on your own. In the reading of this anthology I giggled, shuddered in horror, and sat back with that holy cow you did not say that feeling, which all in all left me very satisfied indeed. Definitely recommend for those who enjoy short little snippets of horror to enjoy all at once or just a short treat on that occasional coffee break where you can imagine the mean boss or supervisor getting the starring role as the victim. To top it off all of the proceeds from the sale of this book are donated to a non-profit organization supporting child literacy. I requested this book from the author and received it with a request for my honest review without any compensation whatsoever, other than the joy of reading a new book. 


  1. Blaze, thank you for all the beautiful things you wrote about me in your feature! It's true our hearts sing the same song, and our eyes see the world unclouded. A tribute to one's character, I believe. :)

  2. All these things I wrote are certainly true, Nina. That we share so many things is astounding. Putting the Dark buried in our souls to the side, the reason for which we expel our words to the masses, I do believe character shines through. That is certainly the essence of your being.


  3. No offense meant to anyone else, but Nina is the hardest working person, man or woman, in our field. Her insight has helped me to no end, and she is beyond gracious with her time when it comes to helping others, even if that means putting herself last. Nina, you're an absolute class act :)

  4. I certainly cannot deny the truth of what you are saying, Joe. Nina gives, and gives, and gives. Nina is certainly a class act and more!