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Lori Joyce Parker is my Woman In Horror today! She is such a sweet young lady and does not come to Woman In Horror status through the usual path of Horror author. Lori is a reader. She reads upwards of 300 books a year. Quite an accomplishment, and even more so because she is visually impaired. Actually, Lori is blind and reads either audio books, or she goes to her computer where she has the function to listen to the stories.

When I was running my Coffin Hop Web Tour back in October for two Presses and three different blogs, Lori was my biggest winner, and she was such a gracious winner. I had no idea at that time she could not see. Yet, she still hit the mother lode, winning a bunch of books. 

Enter a couple weeks back. Lori asked me to get in on a special birthday giveaway on Facebook for a friend of hers. I jumped on it and donated some books as prizes. The winners were ecstatic, and so was Lori. Truth be told, so was I. The lady who won two of our children's ebooks is now a friend of mine. She reads the stories to cancer patients, ages 3 to 8, as they are undergoing chemotherapy, on her Kindle. Our books are in full color interior art, and this sweet lady says the children love passing the Kindle around so they can look at the pictures. Well, I sent her all the children's ebooks we have published, and as more arrive she will get them as well. Also, I will send her the paperbacks for prizes for the kids. None of this would have happened without Lori inviting me. Thank you, Lori.

You will see a ton of links above. Lori has her own place on Amazon. She not only reads a ton of books, but she reviews them as well. Into the hundreds!

She also does freelance marketing, editing, web design, journalism, and beaded jewelry. Lori has a passion for helping out ferrets and operates the Ferrets at Heart animal shelter. She also loves cats and says, " Her cats and ferrets try to help with the computer work, jewelry, and Lori's passion for reading, but you can imagine the usual outcome!" Lori's sense of humor works through her disabilities. Her positive outlook pushes her forward as she works to purchase a new home for Ferrets at Heart.

Her favorite books are YA, apocalyptic fiction, dark fantasy, paranormal romance, fantasy, urban fantasy, epic fantasy, high fantasy, SF, historical fiction, series, military, animal stories, dystopian, vamplit,  and shifter.

From Lori:

about me:

HONEST BOOK REVIEWS... ALWAYS! Send me those manuscripts to devour! I am a freelance marketing specialist, editor, social network campaign manager, tutor, journalist, proofreader, web designer, and researcher at your convenience. When I'm not writing, I run Ferrets at Heart, a ferret shelter in Franklin, North Carolina, design glass/stone bead and macrame jewelry, and read over 300 books each year. 
My best friends are books. A good book, a purring cat, and a cherry soft drink is a wonderful day. When I'm not reading, I'm writing for freelance publishing gigs in marketing, social networking, journalism, and blogs. That still leaves time for me to run an exotic animal rescue in western North Carolina, proofread manuscripts, work as an editor, design websites, and create bead jewelry from natural materials.

For all she does for Horror writers and for so many other humans and animals , Lori Joyce Parker needs a huge shout out!

Lori Joyce Parker is my Woman In Horror today! Thank you for all you do!

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  1. Eeeek and squee and squeak! I think that "surprise in February" you were hinting about just (smacked me upside the head) dawned on me. My facebook page looks so awesome! Thanks!

  2. I'm so glad I made your "surprise" a happy one, Lori. You give so much to so many. It's your turn now to bask in the glow.