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Carson Buckingham is my Woman In Horror today! Carson is one of most unique women I have the pleasure of knowing. While she writes some horrific horror, she has a fantastic sense of humor. The two do not usually go hand in hand. I write some dark horror, but I haven't nabbed Carson's gift of sharing funny happenings with her fans. 

She and I have a lot in common. Both of us believe that fiction is where the truth is. Also, she doesn't believe in writer's block, and never outlines anything. Amen! Let the story roll, unfettered by restrictions within an arbitrary guideline.

I should grab some advice from Carson on setting up a spiffier blog. Hers is fantastic! She has the main Home page displaying the post of the day, but on the right hand side she has numerous glimpses into her books, theories, photo of the day, other writers info, and more. A busy blog indeed. And once more, humor is sprinkled everywhere.

Besides her super skills as an author, Carson is also an editor, delving into any and all aspects of that unique specialty skill. Add book reviewer to her resume, and you have a most eclectic array of  qualifications for anything publishing related.

Okay, not that I ever say things which might cause a bit of an eye-brow raise, but The Best Of The Horror Society 2013 would not be where it is without Carson's editing skills and determination. This anthology came in third in a prestigious poll and Carson should take a bow. A huge one. Yes, the authors in the anthology are superb, but without great editing, what is a story? Crap. And Carson did so much more with promoting it. I know what it takes to do these things and she was a wonder woman. The wonderful job she did on this alone would make her a Woman In Horror in my eyes.

I advise all of you to drop by Carson's blog, read her books, check out her services, and more. Carson Buckingham is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob

Carson Buckingham knew from childhood that she wanted to be a writer and began, at age six, by writing books of her own, hand-drawing covers, and selling them to any family member who would pay (usually a gumball) for what she referred to as "great literature." When she ran out of relatives, she came to the conclusion that there was no real money to be made in self-publishing, so she studied writing and read voraciously for the next eighteen years, while simultaneously collecting enough rejection slips to re-paper her living room...twice.
When her landlord chucked her out for, in his words, "making the apartment into one hell of a downer," she redoubled her efforts, and collected four times the rejection slips in half the time, single-handedly causing the first paper shortage in U.S. history.
But she persevered, improved greatly over the years, and here we are.
Carson has been/is a professional proofreader, editor, anthologist, newspaper reporter, copywriter, technical writer, novelist, short story writer and comedy writer. Above all, she prefers fiction writing since fiction, ultimately, is where the truth is. Her novels and short stories fall under the horror subgenres of dark fantasy (think Poe, not swords and sorcery) and paranormal suspense and are meant to chill the reader without blood and guts and veins in the teeth.
Her blog is at and though she is a horror writer, Carson's blog is humorous (she hopes) with commentary on life's absurdities updated each week in THE WEEKLY RANT. THE CAPTIONED PHOTO OF THE DAY is there, too, along with the HORROR-SCOPES and even shots of her garden in Arizona. You can also find out about what she's up to in the world of dark fantasy in the BOOK BLURBS and CARSON'S NEWS sections.
She loves reading and gardening; but not at the same time. Though born and raised in Connecticut, she lives in Arizona now--and Connecticut is glad to be rid of her!


Someone Wicked: A Written Remains Anthology by Morgan, Christine, Reinbold, JM, Mosiman, Billie Sue and Soares, L.L. (Nov 25, 2013)


Book Description

November 25, 2013
"There is poison in the fang of the serpent, in the mouth of the fly, and in the sting of a scorpion; but the wicked man is saturated with it." — Chanakya

Avaricious, cruel, depraved, envious, mean-spirited, vengeful—the wicked have been with us since the beginnings of humankind. You might recognize them and you might not. But make no mistake. When the wicked cross your path, your life will never be the same. Do you know someone wicked? You will.

The 21 stories in the Someone Wicked anthology were written by the members of the Written Remains Writers Guild and its friends, and was edited by JM Reinbold and Weldon Burge.


Zippered Flesh 2: More Tales of Body Enhancements Gone Bad by Hall, Bryan, Michael Bailey, Shaun Jeffrey and Charles Colyott (Feb 6, 2013)


Book Description

February 6, 2013
So, you loved the first ZIPPERED FLESH anthology? Well, here are yet more tales of body enhancements that have gone horribly wrong! Steroids from Hell. Horrendous piercings. Bizarre brain modifications. Obscene amputations. Facial reconstruction. Self-mutilation. Implants. Chilling tales by some of the best horror and suspense writers today, determined to keep you fearful all night (and skittish during the day).



The Best of the Horror Society 2013 by Colyott, Charles, Dries, Aaron Warwick, Onspaugh, Mark and Thomas, Richard (Oct 25, 2013)


Book Description

October 25, 2013
A central coast trip that leads to devastating consequences for wine collectors. An adjoining hotel room that isn’t what it seems. A long bus trip with a stopover in an eerie little town. You’ll visit these places and more in this volume. Or how about the old woman with the strange plant? Or the odd little boy selling lemonade? Perhaps the sideshow lady who just smells so good? You’ll meet them all at the turn of a page and they will remain with you long after the book is closed. The Best of the Horror Society 2013 is an anthology of the weird, the wonderful, and the downright wicked. Within you will discover not only the best of emerging horror writers but seasoned pros whose names you will no doubt recognize as well. So turn out the lights, pull up a chair beside the nearest roaring fireplace and enjoy the ride.



Dark Bits (QuickLII) by Ford, Robert, Lucia, Kevin, Degeit, Mandy and Shipp, Jeremy (Sep 2, 2013)


Book Description

September 2, 2013
Dark Bits is a collection of 52 +1 horror flash fiction stories. Short, but not sweet, they move quick to grab you. Got a minute? Go ahead, try one.


Angela Pritchett, Apple Ardent Scott, Bruce Boston, Bryce Hughes, Cameron Suey, Carson Buckingham, Chantal Noordeloos, Chantel Delulio, Cynthia Ray, Dane Hatchell, Darryl Dawson, David Bernstein, David Greske, Die Booth, Edd Vick, G.N. Braun, Guy Anthony De Marco, James Roy Daley, James S. Dorr, Jamie Lackey, Jeff Heimbuch, Jeremy C. Shipp, Jessica McHugh, Johannes Pinter, Kallirroe Agelopoulou, Kathryn Ptacek, Keith Armstrong, Kenneth W. Cain, Kevin David Anderson, Kevin Lucia, Mandy DeGeit, Mark C. Scioneaux, Mary Pletsch, Matthew Wilson, Max Booth III, Meriah L. Crawford, Michael H. Antonio, Michele Mixell, Randolph Andrews, Rebecca L. Brown, Richard Farren Barber, Robert Ford, Robert Smales, Robin Devereaux-Nelson, Sandy Shelonchik, Sheri White, Stephanie Jessop, Tina Rath, Tracy L. Carbone, Wesley Southard, William Gracey, William Meikle, William Whorton



Satan's Toybox: Toy Soldiers by McKinney, Jason, Jason McKinney, Lisamarie Lamb and Armand Rosamilia (Jan 5, 2012)


Book Description

January 5, 2012
In the world of Satan’s Toybox, no toy is ever what it seems, and toy soldiers are no exception. Plastic army men, GI Joe and tin soldiers offer a place to work out your aggressions on an imaginary battlefield. But what if the battlefields are real and the toy soldiers have some aggression of their own?

In this volume, the second anthology in the Satan’s Toybox series, there are nineteen horrifying tales of epic battles, gruesome casualties and a heaping dose of revenge. From ancient Egyptian warriors protecting a tomb to Nutcrackers gone wrong, these are not the toys you remember.

So, “Aten’ hut! Fall in! Forward March!” Follow us into the Toybox and straight to Hell.



Masters of Horror: Damned if you don't by Lee Pletzers, C. D. Bennett, Carole Gill and F. Paul Wilson (Apr 7, 2011)


Book Description

April 7, 2011

have been fulfilled…

Some of the darkest horrors are those that we choose to inflict on ourselves. In the hands of the MASTERS OF HORROR, the evils of drug use, alcoholism, scarification, obesity and obsession have been amplified into bloodcurdling cautionary tales…

Enter the literal Crackhouse of the Living Dead in Aftertaste by John Shirley (Author of DEMONS)

Spend a horrific hospital stay in the body of a 1500-pound man in Topsy by F. Paul Wilson (Author of THE KEEP)

Witness the grotesque union of steroids and tapeworms in Taper by Keith Gouveia (Author of KILLING FAITH)

Join an AA meeting where alcohol itself shows up with its own axe to grind in Showdown with Deacon Blues by K.K. (Author of STAPLEGUN LOGIC)

Cut the evil out of your own body…or die trying…in The Seal by Lee Pletzers (Author of THE GAME)

Party ‘til the end of the world in Doomsday Diary by Scott Nicholson (Author of THE RED CHURCH and ASHES)

Some of the darkest horrors are those that we choose to inflict on ourselves. In the hands of the MASTERS OF HORROR, the evils of drug use, alcoholism, scarification, obesity and obsession have been amplified into bloodcurdling cautionary tales…

19 Terrifying tales and a nonfiction detoxification guide await you within. Sacrifice your vice with the MASTERS OF HORROR. You’re literally DAMNED IF YOU DON’T.



M is for Monster by Ian Woodhead, Serenity Banks, David Youngquist and Simon Unsworth (Oct 27, 2010)

Book Description

October 27, 2010
Short story book of Monsters - 26 authors bringing 26 unique monsters to life that corresponds with each letter of the Alphabet.




Home by Carson Buckingham (Jul 20, 2011) Following the deaths of her mother and beloved aunt, Kate Kavanagh inherits the family homestead in the Irish enclave of Three Oaks, Connecticut; but the house has changed since she visited a year ago--no more windows on the first floor and gaslights and a wood burning stove in place of the modern appliances. It also appears to be haunted. And that's just for starters. Once she moves into the house, Kate herself begins a gradual but terrifying biological transformation that is part of her inheritance, too; though not mentioned in the Will. With the help of a Rottweiler that's more human than animal, a new friend whose farm stand is only open dusk to dawn, and the "Rat Boys," Kate will get some answers or die trying.



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