Wednesday, January 15, 2014


 This is Day Five of the Timothy Hobbs Monsters Unleashed Blog Tour. Timothy C. Hobbs writes great Horror. I'm not talking mamby-pamby little bit scary. This is the whole enchilada! You will read these great tales and shiver in your bed no matter how many blankets and quilts might be covering you. As if those will help! Every noise you hear will make you retreat ever deeper into the confines of your supposed safe haven. Shadows creeping around the room will invade the folds in the gray matter of a brain still deep in fear.

Damn! What fun!

My advice to you? Do not read Timothy's books alone. Cuddle up in your bed with a loved one. Make it a date night. A date with horror. That way you'll have someone to hold on to when the lights go out. Share the exquisite joy derived from a rush of horror hitting every nerve in your body. Titillation to the max.

I believe I have your attention now. If not, you're dead and can't read anyway. On the other hand, why deprive the dead of a great story? That being the case, or not, Visionary Press Cooperative is running a sweet promotion for Mr. Hobb's books.

Drawing: We will be giving out 2 prize packages, one for bloggers and another for commentators. The prize packages are paperback copies of The Pumpkin Seed and Music Box Sonata. At the end of the tour I will draw at random a name from each category. Please link your blog here, so I can keep track of comments and who participates.

Ah, but Blaze McRob wants to sweeten the pot. Comment to my post and get into a drawing to win all of Timothy C. Hobb's  books in Amazon Kindle. Is that cool, or what? Not only will you be in the running to win free paperback books if you link your blog to the links above, but you also can win some great Kindle books as well. Double the fun! Lisa McCourt Hollar is keeping track of all blog comments and who participates. She will be the official harbinger of glad tidings to the winner on my blog as well. 

I guarantee you will love these books! Even if you don't win, these great books are priced well and worth every dime.

Happy Date Night!

Blaze McRob

 The Pumpkin Seed:

“I am a drinker of human blood and an eater of human flesh, a monster dressed in the skin of a man.” So states Charles, the main character of the novel, after being infected with a virus transmitted by an insect vector.

The Pumpkin Seed opens in India near the Nepal border in the late 17th century. A commissioned officer of the East India Company is seeking a profitable new trade route into China. Indian bandits of the Thuggie clan attempt to stop this further invasion by the British and release a plague of insects, which carry a unique virus. This organism not only infects humans, it transforms the chemical and physical nature of the host’s body. Longevity, resilience and the need to feed on human blood and flesh make the host an efficient killing machine, especially in regard to the human race.

Music Box Sonata:

At the top of a steep cliff, a derelict church serves its congregation of dust, cobwebs, and birds roosting in the rafters. One human occupant lives there hidden in the cellar. He is cursed to never walk in the tortuous sunlight, cursed to roam the woods on the cliff at night in the form of a hideous beast struggling with the violent desire to kill while striving to preserve remnants of his own humanity. Music Box Sonata is the second story from Once Upon a Time in Texas, a collective series of dark variations of popular fairy tales by Timothy C. Hobbs.

The Smell of Ginger:

It's Halloween in Jasper, Texas and Butch and Suzy are driving with their dad to trick or treat at the strip mall and the local churches. They didn't count on the truck breaking down, getting lost in the woods, or coming across the ordinary old cabin, but there's nothing ordinary about the tenants - two spinster sisters who have been waiting eternally for children to call their own.

Timothy C. Hobbs Amazon Page:

Bio: Timothy C. Hobbs (1950 - ) was born in Temple, Texas. His older brother was a lover of horror movies and literature. Tim naturally followed his brother's lead and was seduced by all things that go bump in the night. Tim started writing horror stories in the sixth grade and has never stopped since.
The Smell of Ginger, The Pumpkin Seed and Music Box Sonata are published through Visionary Press Cooperative, where Tim is a contributing member. He has a novel coming out later this year with Angelic Knight Press.


  1. Being a fantasy writer, I was intrigued by Tim's turning the screws on fairytales - "making all things Grimm" was my thought. I really hope I win the set. I am destined to get way too tied up in Tim (Grimm) Hobb's nightmares.

    1. Yes, Leslie, Tim has quite a delightful style. All of his books are superb, and I always look forward to his next one. Perchance you will be a lucky winner!