Saturday, January 25, 2014


See the man in the picture? He's signing books in a bar. Do you think this is weird? Are you saying, "Why would anyone sign books in a bar, and how do you get the okay from the tavern owners?"

Look to the author's right. There is a bottle of beer there. Ahah! This man is having fun already. I love the flower in the bottle method of spiffing up the place too.

So, what is my point? I have arranged to have book signings in eight bars in my town. How did I arrange this? Simple. I simply told the owners that I would put up a sign saying, "Buy a book, and I will buy you a beer." They were shocked, and without exception, agreed to my plan. How do I make money if I'm buying beers? Well, good people, authors should be able to purchase copies of their books at a reduced price. If you can't, find another publisher: you're being screwed. Let's say it costs you $6.00 to purchase your book. Add in $4.00 for a beer, $1.00 for the bartender's tip, and your cost is $11.00. Price your book at the Amazon price of say $15.00, and you make $4.00 a book.

Sure, you say, but why don't I cut out the middle man? Yeah, right. How many bars are going to let you sell books?

Ah, you think, I won't leave that dollar tip. Wrong. The bartender or waitress will be steering people to you. Well worth every dollar.

I will be doing signings in one tavern on ladies night. Ladies get their drinks for free between 9:00 and 12:00 P.M. Now what? There will still be guys there, and the manager of the bar told me that most of the ladies have children at home. This is their night out. It just so happens, my Press puts out YA and children's books. A change in strategy. "Buy a book, and get another book for free." I simply have a full assortment of books on hand.

Think outside the box. Push the envelope. Don't do what everyone else does. More tips will be coming. Maybe I'll see you folks in a tavern signing your books. Oh, yeah!

Blaze McRob


  1. SWEET! Love this idea and hope to see bar book signings in my area soon. :)

  2. What better place to have a book signing, Brewed Bohemian? There isn't any!


  3. Awesome idea. Will definitely give it a shot, especially considering I finally have The Imaginings in paperback (well, I'm anticipating in the next week it will be live and available).

    Maybe a coffee shop as well... although coffees can cost more than a beer these days. Weird :)

    1. Coffee shops can be more pricey than beers, but I do signings there as well, Paul. The good thing about a bar is that everyone's there for a good time. Double the pleasure.

      Are you going to do the Amazon deal where if a reader buys your paper version, they can get your ebook free? Our Press does that and it's a great way to make some sales.