Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I am happy to announce that Quinn Cullen has become part of our family at Visionary Press Cooperative. I have been trying to get her to join our team for some time now, as she is the best at what she writes. You will have the privilege of reading her first tale,The Sentinel's Bride, in our upcoming anthology, The Bloody Book Of Grotesque Love. Quinn's story is mind blowing, yet definitely brings a romantic element to a tale of intrigue and sensuality. This is where I feel she has no equals, as she creates believable characters you want to know better. That's not an easy thing to do when writing stories in this sub-genre, one where an author can combine love and horror.

For me, it's not difficult to create a background of horror and add some love or erotica to it. Quinn, on the other hand, sets her stories up as love themed, and then surrounds it with horror in its many forms, some subtle, some not. There is a big difference in the finished tale.

Because of this, Quinn Cullen will be not only an author, sharing her stories with us, but she will also join us as our Director Of Romance. Romance has many forms: soft erotica is my favorite. For me, this is an art enabling the reader to wonder at the majesties present in a life they might not inhabit. Add in our world of terrors running rampant, and we have a dynamic duo. This is the what if style Quinn writes in. With the written word, nothing is impossible, and we should be carried away within the dreams coming to us long after we have enjoyed reading a well crafted story.

I present to you Quinn Cullen, a master of creating worlds where one can dream and wonder.

Blaze McRob


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