Monday, January 6, 2014


Lisa McCourt Hollar is the new President at Visionary Press Cooperative. This young lady does everything. She is the director of our Children's Division, does our formatting, writes children's books, horror books, poetry, and gobs of other things. She is a force to be reckoned with and does her damnedest to accomplish whatever goals she has set her mind on. The most difficult part of her job is putting up with me and my insanity. "You want that when, Blaze? What about the gazillion other things we are doing?"

Okay, so I'm a dog. Werewolf, I think. But Lisa gets everything done in spite of the wonkiness.

Visionary Press Cooperative is growing by leaps and bounds. We have added genres of all sorts. Thanks to Lisa, our children's department is racking up great sales and notoriety. For the Christmas holidays, she was able to get three new Christmas tales up for us. Three. This is quite an accomplishment.

This month, she already has a new children's book out. Dave is doing well, and why shouldn't it? The story, written by Lisa, and superb full-color interior art by the great Thomas Arensberg are spot on! Thomas is doing artwork for a second children's book as I write this.

To add to Lisa's workload, Jeff Hollar will have a great book coming out this month, and we will be publishing The Bloody Book Of Grotesque Love in time for Valentines day. This is a multi-author anthology with some super authors in it. Lisa has some great stories in this.

To further increase her work load, Micheál Ó Coinn, our Poetry Director, is jumping in and getting a collaboration of super poems out in time for Valentine's day as well.

And, I won't divulge anything yet because I want to spring this on you all at once when you're not expecting it, we will have another great book coming out in time for Valentines Day as well.

You can see know why the only logical choice for President of Visionary Press cooperative is the lady who does it all: Lisa McCourt Hollar! We are so glad she is at the helm of our ship. Happy sailing ahead.

Blaze McRob

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