Wednesday, January 22, 2014


In Samurai and Other Stories, William Meikle creates a majestic array of tales which evoke many emotions from each story. And why not? The very eclectic nature of what is contained within this tome could do nothing less. I am particularly fond of the way William is able to evoke belly-belting humor in the midst of horror. Ah, to go from one tale leaving you shivering with fear, and then to change that with resplendent laughter is truly the sign of a great author.

Now, I will admit that I, even though being transported across the pond, have a fair amount of Scot in my blood. This enables me to recapture some of the tales my mentor, my Paternal grandfather, a man of the sea for many years, relayed to me as only he could. William is able to combine the same sardonic wit my grandfather had with the more hilarious aspects of Scottish humor.

But we are not merely talking humor. We are privy to sit front and center as visions of dark fantasy, the macabre, sword fights, and so much more are displayed before our eyes and tear deep into our souls. There are no dull moments dancing about on un-seen strings attached to a puppeteers hands. These stories are arranged in such a way that there is undeniable harmony between every blessed treat assembled for us.

Ah, my friends, I can see my grandfather sitting beside me enjoying these tales as much as me. That is the sign of noble acceptance of the skills of a skilled story teller. For indeed, that is what William Meikle is. May we all be so blessed.

  Blaze McRob

This great book will be coming out on January 25th. Don't miss out the grand stories!

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