Friday, October 25, 2013


I have a story published in one of Crystal Lake Publishing's anthologies and will have some poems in another. Joe Mynhardt is a class act all the way. He cares about his authors and publishes nothing but high class horror. You will enjoy this anthology for sure. Get it now. The Reaper wants you!

Blaze McRob

Book Description

October 19, 2013

This is a journey into the life of Death; a journey through this world and the next on the words of twenty one of the best horror writers around.

Will you follow them to stare into the eyes of the Grim Reaper? Can you handle the true story of the birth of Death, or the minute details behind catching or escaping Death, becoming Death? Dying? These are not just stories but horrific experiences of pain and death: the deaths of lonely people, famous people, entire worlds, and the death of innocence and the pain of those left behind as they wait their turn, wondering what it will be like – no one is safe from the Reaper!

FEAR THE REAPER includes stories by: Taylor Grant, Joe McKinney, Rick Hautala, Gary Fry, Ross Warren, Marty Young, Stephen Bacon, Dean M Drinkel, Richard Thomas, Sam Stone, Eric S Brown, Mark Sheldon, Steve Lockley, Robert S. Wilson, Jeremy C Shipp, Jeff Strand, Lawrence Santoro, E.C. McMullen Jr., Rena Mason, John Kenny and Gary A. Braunbeck. Includes a poem by Adam Lowe.

Introduction by Gary McMahon.
Artwork by Ben Baldwin and Will Jacques.
Edited by Joe Mynhardt.

Monday, October 21, 2013


I posted on Facebook that this post was coming, and here it is. I have more things to say than I originally had planned on, but I want to alleviate any confusion.

First of all, I have to thank Lori Lewis and her husband Paul Lewis for taking me into their home and giving me a place to heal and work. I was pretty sick for quite some time. Truth be told, I still have some bad days, but Lori watches over me and makes sure I don't over do. Without them I would not be writing this now, I'm sure. Lori will be my Business Manager and help me wheel and deal with all I do and have planned.

Most everyone knows I am involved with two Presses: Angelic Knight Press and Visionary Press Cooperative. Yes, there is a lot of work to be done, mainly at Visionary Press Cooperative because of the way a cooperative works, and because Stacey Turner is such a dynamo at Angelic Knight Press and doesn't need my help. I share the rah/rah duties and that's about it. That being said, a planned collaboration on a poetry book has turned into many more collaborations, and a young lady, who doesn't wish to be mentioned now, and I will be starting up another Press. This Press will only be for the two of us. We will hire editors, artists, and whoever else we need to have to produce the very best of prose and poetry.

Just a few notes on some recent developments before I get to my main post today. Someone asked me if I have a movie deal in the works. Answer: yes. At least one and possibly more. Marvel comics and I are talking about a Super-Hero I first wrote about in The Pen Of The Damned. The Enforcer could become a comic and a graphic novel. Okay, I love comics! This is cool stuff, but after the government shutdown, we all know that financing for these ventures could be a bit tricky. So I will be over joyed if they happen, but I will understand if they don't.

I plan on going to Portland next year for The World Horror Convention. I want to have at least one recent novel ready by then. Two would be better. Okay, so I'm greedy, but I have twenty novels in hand written form in my storage shed and I need to start putting my stuff out. If you go to Portland, I'll be the one with the huge beard.

Other collaborations are in the works. One is really cool and will include poems as well as prose, and it will be complete in-your-face horror. Two truly superb authors are in on this with me. We will blow your socks off. I have many more things of this nature coming up, and I will keep everyone up to date. This book will be a charity endeavor, the money going to a children's organization we are deciding on now. I also will have, Ghost No More, an end days novel published with Angelic Knight Press, and all my royalties will go to helping autistic children.

A few of my other endeavors include more stories for Firbolg Publishers, the place to go for the best in Gothic tales, at least one more project with Crystal Lake Publishing, a new Publisher on the scene but already getting rave reviews, and anthologies coming out in Netbound and others.

I will continue working on behalf of some truly great authors who I respect and admire much. Two who are waiting in the wings and getting ready to catch the brass ring on the merry-go-round are E.a. Irwin- I want to see Riley, young lady-, and Quinn Cullen, who is a master at so many things but in a league by herself when it comes to Horror Erotica. I will support these ladies in every way I can. Of course, there are so many other Women In Horror who I will continue to praise as well. 

Now we come to my Out Of The Box and Off The Wall part. The little picture accompanying this post is the way I see things. I'm a functioning autistic adult and have a different way of looking at the world. I see it as being a huge plus. It will be now, for sure. I am very pleased to announce that Lori R. Lopez and I are collaborating on a YA, yes you heard me right, short story which we wrote a number of years ago and didn't do anything with. I'm glad we didn't because we have a new vision for this tale. It is short, about 10,000 words, but we will publish both ebook and a paper version. The best part? The interior will be illustrated! I figured since Lori is an artist and knows the story so well, since she wrote half of it, that she would be the perfect person to do the cover art and the interior art as well.

So, you say, what's so different about this? Interior art is starting to creep up in stories now. Indeed it is, and I love it. What is going to make this venture so totally different is the marketing. I presented a few ideas to Lori, and she loves them. No one has ever done what we are about to do. No one.

Yes, we will have the usual cross links, blog posts, and such. We will pair this book with others to increase sales of both. We will run specials, although we will not give this book away. All the usual things and more will be done. Contests will be employed and a few other tricks, but the most unusual ploy will be the actual book signings. You see, I plan on us selling not only many ebooks, but I see paperbacks flying out of our hands because of the wackiness of something so simple that I'm surprised no one else has ever used it.

What is it? Ahah. This part will have to remain a surprise until we start our book signings. I want no one else to apply this until I have proven its effectiveness. Then, Lori and I will be more than happy to share the details with you.

So, you take one part Lori R. Lopez, one part Blaze McRob, and one part insanity in marketing, mix them all together, and produce a grand YA tale, one my kids can actually read. And, my friends, we make some money. We are both very excited about this. The marketing part will be a lot of fun.

Fun and making money? You betcha. It is time authors make money while working at the craft. I believe in helping my author friends, and I see many books where our ideas would work well. Better than well. Dream big!

Visit with Lori R. Lopez on Facebook and tell her you can't believe she's teaming up with a mad man such as Blaze McRob. This will be a great book. And the adventures in marketing could be a book in itself. I like that . . .

Blaze McRob

Sunday, October 20, 2013


For The Night Is Dark is a truly fantastic anthology! This is Dark Horror at its best. When Joe Mynhardt asked me to submit a tale for him, I jumped at the chance when I saw the other authors involved and the fact I respect Joe so much. Look at the names of the authors below. There is some real talent here! For a short time, this great tome is on sale for 99 cents on Amazon Kindle. Get it now. I guarantee you will enjoy every moment spent with each of the great stories.

Blaze McRob

Book Description

March 28, 2013
The Dark is coming! Call your friends over. You don't want to go through this alone.

You will be taken back into the past, down to the depths of the ocean and across the borderline between our world and the next. You will see snapshots from the lives of small children, old-time cockney gangsters and aimless stoners. You will journey into the darkest house on the darkest street, wander hospital basements and take a flight in the comfort of first class. You will meet Mr Stix.

This tome includes stories by some of the best horror writers around: G. N. Braun, Carole Johnstone, Armand Rosamilia, Daniel I. Russell, Scott Nicholson, Gary McMahon, Joe Mynhardt, Kevin Lucia, Tracie McBride, Stephen Bacon, Benedict J. Jones, Blaze McRob, John Claude Smith, Tonia Brown, Mark West, Robert W. Walker, Jeremy C. Shipp, Jasper Bark, William Meikle and Ray Cluley.

Are you scared of the dark? You will be.
Okay, so I'm a ham and picked this review to post here. I'm very proud of the kind words handed out by Matthew Scott Baker. Thank you, sir.
5.0 out of 5 stars An excellent anthology that every horror fan should own October 15, 2013
Hold on to your weapon of choice, and pull those covers up tight! The fine folks over at Crystal Lake Publishing have unleashed a dark anthology that is sure to scare you. Chocked full of talented authors and unique tales, FOR THE NIGHT IS DARK is a horror collection that any fan of frightful fiction must own.

I have to confess that I had never heard of Crystal Lake Publishing prior to getting their e-mail. But I'm sure glad they reached out to me. If this anthology is any indication of the talent levels they publish, I'm definitely going to keep my eyes out for the other titles they release.

FOR THE NIGHT IS DARK is a fantastic mix of horror in a variety of sub-genres. Ghosts, monsters, things of an unknown origin...there's plenty of terrifying aspects here, and something for every horror fan.

Each story is written well, and each has its own, distinctive voice. Yet they all strive for the same goal: to scare the crap out of you. I admit freely that I enjoyed every story in this collection, which is not a common occurrence for me when it comes to anthologies. Sometimes, only a handful of stories stick out...but here, they all do.

One of my favorite tales in FOR THE NIGHT IS DARK is "Mr. Stix" by Mark West. In this story, a simple, crudely made puppet turns one family's existence into a nightmare. But all is not what it seems...

Another favorite is "Eternal Darkness" by Blaze McRob. This vivid tale describes a man's fight with his worst fear: the darkness. But the shadows in this pitch are not tricks of light...they are something far more sinister.

FOR THE NIGHT IS DARK is an excellent anthology, and I highly recommend giving it a look. Every fan of horror fiction must own a copy, so get yours today. The book is available now in a variety of formats. 
This is Matthew Scott Baker's website.Thank you for your review, sir!
Blaze McRob 

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Get in on the fun at Jezri's Nightmares. It's time for Zombie Run! Are you up to writing a short story of 500-1000 words about Zombies? Go to the above link and find out what this is all about. Quick!Do it now before the Zombies get you!

Blaze McRob

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Enter At You Own Risk: Dark Muses, Spoken Silences, published by Firbolg Publishing, is one great anthology! I just received my print copy yesterday, and I am most impressed. Dr. Alex Scully did one great editing job. She kept pushing me to get better and and better and better. Add this; push it over the top; I want more!. What a woman! This collection includes my first Gothic tale. It will not be my last. All the authors did an outstanding job. Way to go team!

One thing I really like is how the interior black and white art at the end of every story enhances the mood of the stories and adds some visual stimulation to whet one's appetite for more. This can be readily seen in the free sample provided for you to read on Amazon. This is in the Kindle version as well as the paperback.

When I write more Gothic Horror, it will definitely be with Firbolg Publishing!

Early words about Enter at Your Own Risk: Dark Muses, Spoken Silences. Sandy DeLuca says, "Sadness, love and an array of emotions are expressed poetically, intensely and with clarity... All of the contributors in this collection are gifted authors" With an introduction from award-winning author Gary A. Braunbeck, find the tales of Timothy Hurley, Blaze McRob, Carole Gill, T Fox Dunham, Mike Chinn, Gregory Norris, Jonny M. Kelley, and B.e. Scully in Dark Muses this October!
 OUT NOW on Kindle!!! Paperback is also available!!!

Book Description

September 29, 2013
Some of the most enduring masterpieces of Gothic fiction are as intriguing for the stories they don’t tell as for those they do. The voices hidden in the wall of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Black Cat;” the secrets buried beneath the earth of Sleepy Hollow in Washington Irving’s legendary Headless Horseman tale; the dreams of a monster and an ancient book with a life of its own in H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Call of Cthulhu;” and stories that reveal Polidori’s hypnotic, archetypal Vampyre as far more than what he first appears to be. In Firbolg Publishing’s third volume in the Enter at Your Own Risk series, ten modern storytellers reimagine the mysterious characters lurking within four classics of Gothic literature. As you read the original stories, a sinister whisper drifts in on a cold chill. But there are other voices beneath the whisper. You can hear them crawling out of the growing darkness. Then the whispers become a scream...

With an introduction from acclaimed author Gary Braunbeck, Dark Muses, Spoken Silences invites you into the hidden shadows of four of the most famous dark fiction tales ever told.

Are you brave enough to enter?

"Highly recommended"
Gene O’Neill
Author of Taste of Tenderloin and The Confessions of St. Zach

“Audacious, innovative, shocking – a kaleidoscope (where all the colors are dark).”
Robert Dunbar
Author of The Pines and Willy

"I am blown away by the beauty, terror and imagination of this brilliant book."
Sandy DeLuca
Author of Manhattan Grimoire and Hell’s Door

Read this great book! Out in time for your Halloween reading pleasure!

Blaze McRob

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Kathryn Meyer Griffith is such a talented lady, able to write so well in many genres. She has sent me a Halloween story for all of us to enjoy and some links to Audio books. Hurry and get these now before the free Audio Books are gone. I noticed today that there are a few others added in as well, but act fast.

Here is a review I wrote for her great book, The Last Vampire. As you can see, it is a Five Star, the same as the other reviews I gave her. This lady is a class act all the way.

5.0 out of 5 stars Vampire With A Difference November 1, 2010
Format:Kindle Edition
Too often, vampires are either the horrific beasts of old or the new romantic heart throbs. I prefer the nasty buggers. This novel certainly has those, but it also comes up with an entirely different concept which personalizes the protagonist and endears her to your heart. Without destroying the story for you, when you blend this in with the other horrific aspects of the world taking place, it becomes riveting, drawing you in to see where the author is going to take us next. Just when I thought I had it figured out, there would be new twists and turns. My kind of novel! I read roughly 100 novels a year. The Last Vampire is at the top of my list.

Read this lady's great books, or listen to them on Audio. You have a choice. Enjoy the wealth Kathryn has to share. Kathryn's Grandmother and my Grandfather would have gotten along  well. Read Kathryn's story and envision my Grandfather and me there too. No wonder I love this lady! We share so much and think alike in so many respects.

Blaze McRob


A Halloween Story
By author Kathryn Meyer Griffith

Since I was a child Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. No one loved horror movies or scary stories more than I did. As a poor child in a family of six other siblings I haunted the musty smelling libraries searching out books about ghosts, vampires, spooky houses and witches. I was addicted to supernatural or monster movies. Dracula. The Lady in White. Ghost Story. The Werewolf. Godzilla. The Mummy. Or any film that dealt with the supernatural in any way, shape or form. My heart would beat hard whenever I opened a new book about a demon or a monster in a lake or when the lights would fade down in a theater and I knew the coming movie was a thriller.
Well, why and how did I become such a lover of Halloween? I’ll tell you.
My grandmother, Mary Fehrt, had been an immigrant from 1930’s war-torn Austria and was a born storyteller. And she loved scary stories. I first remember hearing a ghost story from her lips when I was barely six years old. One of the most disturbing, I recall, was about a rich little girl in her old country who’d died young, had been buried – and in those days, my grandmother had whispered in the candle’s flickering glow in her spooky basement where my siblings and I had gathered, bodies weren’t embalmed – but because some money-desperate peasant dug her up and cut her finger off for her diamond ring she sat up in her coffin, still alive. It scared the peasant nearly witless and, screaming, he’d scurried off. “Sleeping sickness, that’s what it’d been,” my grandmother had muttered. “The child hadn’t been dead at all but had been buried…alive.” Ugh! Funny how some details of those stories eventually found their way years later into mine. Or, once, my grandmother told us the story about her mother who saw her dead husband out in the garden after he’d died, walking around between the tomatoes and waving at her…who then dematerialized in front of her eyes into a puff of smoke. Yikes. Let me tell you those eerie stories left their mark. They dried my mouth and made me shiver. Probably why I became a horror writer. I wanted to make people shiver in the same way.
Oh, yes, my grandmother adored Halloween.  She’d decorate her home like a haunted house, filling it with puff-paper pumpkins, cats, skeletons, and tacking up paper witches everywhere.  Cloth ghosts hung from the tree limbs in her front yard and when the wind blew they’d wave like tattered white banners. She’d hobble up to our door on Halloween night dressed as a witch and dare us to guess who it was. We always did, though, because her childish glee and familiar eyes, her mischievous smile would always give her away. Besides, her witch laugh sounded like her regular laugh, only scarier. The neighborhood kids loved going to her house because she always gave them special homemade treats; not only prepackaged candy so prevalent now days. She made the best chocolate chip cookies, caramel apples and popcorn balls in town.
So, no wonder, I grew up loving Halloween.    
When that dark night rolls around every year I still get excited. These days, because very few treat-or-treaters find their way along our street (don’t know why…perhaps because the older people around us don’t turn on their lights and open their homes…afraid of being robbed); after we leave a bowl of candy on the front porch  just in case someone would come by, my husband and I walk hand in hand to our small town’s City Hall where they have a town get-to-together  with a pumpkin decorating contest for the kids, free hot-dogs, hot cider or hot cocoa with tiny marshmallows,  and lots of little dressed-up goblins for us to exclaim over. A safe Halloween. Then we go home and watch scary movies the rest of the night and eat the candy still left in the bowl. I like the Paydays and Milky Ways.
It’s a far cry from my 1950’s childhood where my six siblings and I would dress in spooky homemade costumes, sheet ghosts with cut-out eyes or gypsies dripping with mom’s jewelry, and clutching our brown grocery bags, would trudge from one porch lit and decorated house to another gathering those large (not those measly ones they give out now) candy bars or homemade treats. I can still hear the laughter and leaves whispering on the chilly autumn air as we gathered our treats. As I remember, most of those nights had been rainy, dark and chilly. But that never stopped us candy monsters. We always went out and came home with a huge bag of goodies…which our mother would promptly take away from us and ration out sparingly over the next few weeks. So we wouldn’t get sick. Yeah, sure. I always suspected my parents pillaged from our bags themselves and stole our treats. Never could prove that, though.
But I still love Halloween, no matter what. It’s the night that the misty wall between the worlds of the living and dead is the weakest, or so the witches say…and, watch out, maybe a ghost or a demon might slip through and land on your doorstep. That’s why I never answer the door without peeking out the window first.
Because…hey, you never know.  

Kathryn Meyer Griffith has been a writer for over 42 years and has had 18 novels, 2 novellas and 12 short stories published with Zebra Books, Leisure Books, Avalon Books, The Wild Rose Press, Damnation Books/Eternal Press since 1984; and now also Amazon Publishing and Amazon Kindle in the horror/romantic horror/suspense/time-travel and murder mystery genres. And her romantic end-of-the-world horror novel The Last Vampire-Revised Author's Edition was a 2012 EPIC eBook Awards Finalist Nominee.
Her books (most out again from Damnation Books and Eternal Press): Evil Stalks the Night, The Heart of the Rose, Blood Forge, Vampire Blood, The Last Vampire, Witches, The Nameless One short story, The Calling, Scraps of Paper, All Things Slip Away, Egyptian Heart, Winter's Journey, The Ice Bridge, Don't Look Back, Agnes novella, In This House short story, BEFORE THE END: A Time of Demons, The Woman in Crimson, The Guide to Writing Paranormal Fiction: Volume 1 (I did the Introduction), Telling Tales of Terror (I did the chapter Putting the Occult in Your Fiction). Dinosaur Lake; Four Spooky Short Stories; Human No Longer; Scraps of Paper-Revised Author’s Edition  and All Things Slip Away are all for sale on Amazon Kindle Direct. ***

All Kathryn Meyer Griffith’s Books available at here:

My Audio Books (try Four Spooky Short Stories, Witches-Revised or The Last Vampire-Revised for Halloween) with great narrators now available at here:
Four Spooky Short Stories:
The Last Vampire-Revised:  
And soon, April 2014, ALL 18 of my novels will be in Audio Books!

My Websites:  (Amazon Author Central) has given me MORE Free Audio Book Codes for my FOUR SPOOKY SHORT STORIES (has an amazing narrator!) and my THE LAST exchange for a brief rating or review on after you listen to them...I'll give you a FREE BUY CODE for one or both. Hurry, they always go fast. Email me at Kathryn Meyer Griffith

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I need to spill a few words about Nicole Hadaway today. Nicole pens her superb Vampire tales for Visionary Press Cooperative and does a super job. What I enjoy the most about all of her works is how she combines different historical time periods within her Vampire tales and makes it work so well. My favorite? Release. Why? Nazis, WWII, the Holocaust, and love. Okay, so this is not standard boy meets girl type of love. This is special love, and it resonates with believability as it rolls off the quill dangling so adeptly from Nicole's fingers. Still not convinced? Tsk, tsk. Buy her great books and read them. If you're not delighted with her superb talent, I will refund your money. See. You can't lose.

Blaze McRob

About this author

Avid reader, lover of education, and total geek, I make my living with my law degree, but love to indulge my creative side through my novels. I've written RELEASE, which is due for re-publication through Visionary Press in January; hopefully soon after will follow RETURN (the sequel) and REDEEM. All follow my main character, the vampire Miranda Dandridge, as she makes her way in the world owned by humans, envying them and loving them, at great sacrifices of her own. Hopefully soon, things will settle down for her, but she's got alot to redeem first...
As a former lawyer, Nicole Hadaway knows all about bloodsuckers and deals with the devil. She currently lives in Texas where she pens such tales of horror, featuring her heroine, Miranda Dandridge.

Book Description

January 3, 2013
“The ends justify the means”...

For vampire Miranda Dandridge, using her supernatural abilities to rescue children from impossible circumstances is her means to be a part of the human world that she loves so much, despite the atrocities of WWII.

For doctor Ben Gongliewski, saving his fellow Jews from the horrific death camps is an end for which he risks his own life every day, hiding his Jewish heritage while feigning loyalty the SS.

Neither Miranda nor Ben expects to find love in World War II Europe, but that is exactly what happens as they work for the Resistance. When the war draws to a close, it seems like the vampire and the doctor are free to start a future together. But just how far the Nazis will go to further their own evil ends?

Desperate times make for ruthless men as loves and lives are threatened, but, Miranda and Ben know that their world cannot go to hell, not by any means…
4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful supernatural read! January 4, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition
What do you get when you put together vampires, fallen angels, demons, a werewolf and humans and throw in a Nazi war? A really awesome story. I really liked the characters, and thought it was an interesting touch to have the story be told in third person from various characters' points of view except for one character in first person (and not the main character, neat way to do it). I liked how a lot of the historic elements were based in fact ("Himmler's Rasputin" and the Wewelsburg Castle). The "big bad" of the story was not someone easily predicted, and the nice twist at the end was deliciously horrible. I love a good "gates of Hell are about to be opened" type of story.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Today it is my pleasure to share a little bit about Lori R. Lopez. The best way to describe Lori is to say there is no way to describe her. She is totally unique in the best of ways. No one could ever possibly capture her unique writing style. It is hers alone. Right now I am telling all of you about her new illustrated book, The Fairy Fly. Of course, she has many other books and short stories written that are equally as good. So, if you want a great read for you, or for your children, Lori is the lady for you. She is pretty much all over the place , so I  have included some links for you to peruse.

 No matter which link you click or whatever book or story of hers you read, you will be doing the happy dance. Enjoy her tales, and enjoy the lovely person who is Lori R. Lopez.


Lori R. Lopez wears many hats, literally and otherwise. She is an artist who designs her book covers and illustrates some of her tomes. As an author she writes poems, short stories, novels, songs, children's books and nonfiction as well as a quirky humorous-slash-serious column called "Poetic Reflections" at She is a musician, actress and filmmaker.
She has been an animal-lover since small. A vegetarian, her work often contains themes of conservation and animal rights. Also, messages regarding the rights of children.

This illustrated print edition of THE FAIRY FLY presents detailed artwork by the author. A Black Widow queen, a big bad Wolf Spider, and a Hit-Mantis are but a few of the obstacles for a spunky little spider who must find his way home through a strange land of giants in this witty fairytale fantasy for kids and adults. Transported out of his element into a realm of dangers and foes, Spider is aided by the insects and arachnids he befriends, but only he can see the Fairy Fly. Is she real or imagined? This whimsical novel about finding oneself while feeling small in a big world takes a step back and several steps downward to peep at humanity from below. At the same time, the story is an allegory of the human condition: life and death matters, war and peace, our everyday struggles on a tiny scale. Part humorous, part philosophical, at times poetic . . . it celebrates a love for animals, books and words. View the planet from a different angle as you take a spiderwalk through the door to adventure.

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
By Vix Kirkpatrick on June 29, 2013
Format: Kindle Edition
Who knew spiders could be cute, not me... I hate(d) them... but how could I NOT fall in love with this little fella, not only is he cute, cuddly, on a "quest" but he Yodels!
As Spider emerges from his nest he is thrown in to Life and he starts his quest for Home, with a little help from some astonishing sources; danger lurks around each corner with some unexpected grins, the humour is rife; "bite the dust bunny!"

Lori Lopez has such a beautiful way of describing scenes/environments that you can almost feel yourself become scaled down to this world.
She has surpassed herself with this story; a wonderful world, some beautiful characters, various life lessons along the way, a multitude of fantastic little poems and lullabys and not to mention the fantasy element thrown in for good measure. I am so looking forward to getting this book in print to enjoy the illustrations too.

The moral compass of this book is steadfast. The telling of tales within the book is ingenious and gentle, but brutally honest.
Lori Lopez astounds me time and again with her use of words; be prepared to learn a few new ones!

Loves the author Bio at the end; Lori... you will always be my favourite crackpot! (ps they DO give out cards!)