Monday, December 30, 2013


Jaime Johnesee, the highly acclaimed author of BOB The Zombie, and one of my Women In Horror, is writing AT LEAST  five Wendy The Wolf  children's books for Visionary Press Cooperative. These will come out in ebook and paperback versions and will have full color interior art. She is also publishing The Golden Storybook with us, which is a beginning to the Wendy series. Jaime and I were talking one night about children and children's books, and she told me she had a few. Of course, since I love her other work, I told her to send them to me. That's history. The future says there will be many of these great books coming from this sweet lady. I love the books, and so do the rest of the Visionary Press Cooperative team.

Also, there will be another surprise announcement coming soon. I'm over the top thrilled about this one as well. Jaime sprung this one on me and the salivating began.

These great books will be coming soon, my friends. Visionary Press Cooperative is thrilled to have Jaime join our family.

Blaze? The fiery rascal is beside himself with joy!


Jaime Johnesee worked as a zookeeper for fourteen years before deciding to focus on her passion of writing. Her decision has proven to be a good one, as her books have been received with critical acclaim, including Oh The Horror and Shifters, which was recognized as one of the best horror novellas of 2012. Although her initial foray into the literary world has been marked by success, Jaime has just begun and is a force to be reckoned with in the years to come.
--Cherry Hill Publishing

Book Description

May 25, 2013
A novella.
Life is rough, unlife can be even more difficult, especially when you're a zombie with bad luck. This is not your average zombie novella.

4.0 out of 5 stars Humour & horror, always a great mix!, May 30, 2013
This review is from: Bob The Zombie (Kindle Edition)
From his unfortunate demise to his eternal rising, issues with rejection, bits dropping off, some exceptional dance moves and an ongoing need for staples we are introduced to Bob!

The humour ranges from smirking to a few Pepsi nose snorts, yes parts of it are pretty gruesome too! (hello! its a zombie novel) but Ms Johnesses writing is so clever, she uses nearly zero profanity, a feat that seems darn near impossible in the horror genre (I would go so far to say that it is suitable for the YA market).

Lots of introduction to a variety of creatures of the Super Natural kind - which bodes well for many, many more books to come! Yippee!
Plus you get a little glimpse of Holly Andrews (which is going to be an AWESOME story!)

A great start to a brilliant new series.... looking forward to the next body part flinging, dance extravaganza adventure!

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