Thursday, December 12, 2013


I have a little more diversity today. Yes, I have horror, but I have added in Lisa Lane's great tale, The Darkness and the Night BLOOD AND COFFEE, to add some erotica. Also, Dina Rae explores the world of Angels, which can certainly be horrific, but they also add in some religious overtones. Don't forget, there are good Angels and bad. Guess which ones Dina writes about? Dan Dillard is one of a kind, and I say that in a good way. Suzanne Robb always adds some psychological terror. Aaron Gudmunson has a special touch not many authors possess.

Enjoy all these great books and surprise some of your friends, and yourself, with some great reading pleasure.

Blaze McRob

Book Description

June 1, 2010
"Enjoyable and nasty: the stories are impressive." 5 Stars.

"Icky." 5 Stars

"Humor and horror and shivers, excellent combination." 5 Stars

"Dan Dillard has written a great book, loaded with some creepy short stories." 5 Stars

"...this book will snare you in its gloriously wicked clutches and drag you kicking, screaming, and sometimes laughing from one creepy story to the next." -Stalk and Slash

"...creative and very entertaining in some cases while truly horrifying in others." 4 Stars

"Dan Dillard should be up there with Stephen King and Dean Koontz." 5 Stars

Demons are all around us. Hatred, greed, old age, addiction. Some of them are more tangible with claws, fangs and dark intentions. Face your demons before they take over. They're only as frightening as you allow. A collection of short horror stories for grown-ups with non-traditional twists and a bit of dark humor. 

Book Description

July 26, 2012
Dr. Arthur Covington may hold the key to the most important discovery in the history of humankind. He is, however, not the only interested party.

If he is to survive treachery and attempts on his life in his bid to escape a secure, high-tech facility, he will have to rely on others - but who can he trust?

Underground, an explosion rocks the facility. Someone drops a viral agent.

In a new world where none can be trusted, Covington's life hangs in the balance. It's a race against time...and the end of the world...because it's not just the living he has to fight against. The dead are rising. Dead men walk the halls below the earth, and the only thing keeping him from being contaminated is his gas mask...and it won't last forever.

Book Description

January 2, 2009
After vacation plans go awry, Karen finds herself alone in a large house, in the middle of nowhere. That night, in an encounter both sexual and surreal, Karen falls victim to a vampire attack. The act leaves her struggling to cling to her humanity while sexually imprinted to a monster.

Karen escapes, only to delve head first into a dark odyssey that will shatter her previous thoughts on reality and redefine what it means to love.

"This is the first part in a trilogy, and there are enough clues as to how the action will progress to ensure those who like a bit of gore with their sexual tension will hunt down the second and third volumes." --Penthouse Forum 

Book Description

May 6, 2013
From the Dusklands is the first story collection from Aaron Gudmunson, comprised of 9 previously published short stories, 2 essays, and a novella, The Glee Sphere, original to this collection. Between these covers, you will find a dozen tales of mayhem and murder, of the dead and the not-quite-dead. Here you will dig deep to uncover the roots of fear and madness. Here you will glimpse darkness, dismay and discord delivered directly...From the Dusklands.

God or Something Like It
Live Surf
The Animals
The Word
Bell and Will: True Love Never Dies
An Autographed Poster of Claire Danes
The Glee Sphere
Reflex Arc
Not Delilah

Book Description

February 4, 2012
A chain of advertising agencies, a new breed of humans, and a fallen angel to worship…

Andel Talistokov is known for his slick advertising agencies across the globe. He is a fallen angel that uses advertising as a weapon for Satan's work. His growing power emboldens him to break several of Hell’s Commandments. Furious with his arrogance, Satan commands him to return to Hell after finding his own replacement. Yezidism, an ancient angel worshiping religion, quietly expands throughout the West. Armaros appears as a guest of honor during their ceremonies. He mates with young women to produce nephilim, a mixed race of humans and angels. They are alone and unprepared for their supernatural power. Joanna Easterhouse, a recovering drug addict, steps out of prison shortly after her mother's fatal accident. She and her sister, Kim, unravel their mother's secretive past. Intrigued, they learn their bloodline is part of a celestial legacy. Both worlds collide. Halo of the Damned is a horrifying tale that weaves research together with suspenseful twists and turns.

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