Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Beneath The Tree, by Leslie Moon, is this week's Terror Tuesday! This poem builds and builds and builds some more. From start to finish the majesty increases, and wham! The ending grabs you and sucks the air out of your lungs. My kind of poetry.

Read many more great tales by Leslie and the rest of my Damned cohorts at The Pen Of The Damned website. Give yourself  a special treat.

Blaze McRob

Beneath the Tree

a month of hopefuls
 romance fragrant like a rose
dreams from the sky blow
lacy snowflakes danced
gracing eyelashes
kissed away
in a magical embrace
beneath the living Christmas Tree
The new year passes
“will you” and ”I will”
sung in a wonderland of snow
gifts elegantly circled with red satin bows
 8 knives for carving
1 rope for climbing
bridal silk embellished with white seed pearls
promises of forever
beneath the flocked Christmas Tree
Time passes
trying to pull out good memories
“they must be there”
rummaging through the box of Christmas ribbon
I caress an eight inch lamp-post
to it we raised a toast
  once there glowed
 declaration of love
 beneath our barren Christmas tree
The seasons and the gifts got stranger
oddly shaped sweater
a perfect fit
for your octopus arms
wrapped around others
untying their bows
repackaged promises
the lamp shone green
beneath the scrawny Christmas tree
Each year’s end,  always hoping
 for the gold-edged red ribbon
magic sparked from its edges
hiding in fresh pine needles
 tied around a ring
that hung shiny and bright
for me
beneath the tinsel Christmas Tree
I looked for years
 the ribbon it seemed
confirmer of dreams
the magic it held
would imbibe our love
restart the music
light the lamp
beneath the leaning Christmas Tree
Eons has my search
 been in vain
the tree was old
 no glitter nor gold
my hands reached for the ribbon
teasing, it hung in brown branches
I grasped it
the lamp-post guided the way
beneath the dead Christmas Tree
Triumphant moment
willing the magic to work
pricking my finger on a needle
drawing rusty
rather than satiny red colored blood
drops fell
I saw knives, a rope
beneath the artificial Christmas Tree
The gold-edged ribbon
tightly unforgiven
about the neck of an eight inch doll
dressed in white silk
embellished with red seed pearls
that fell
an eery light flickered
beneath the strung up Christmas tree
The years of “wasted away”
I looked up eyes agape
death’s eyes dilate
no longer could they focus
 all there had ever been
the light shone
on a lifeless form
beneath the fresh-cut Christmas Tree
This year a celebration
four boxes with satiny bows
covering brown stain
romantic starry-eyed blur
 arms encircled her
she picked up eight seed pearls
“red, oh how festive”
“Yes,” sinister was the light in his eyes
beneath the re-gifted Christmas Tree
~ Leslie Moon

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