Monday, October 21, 2013


I posted on Facebook that this post was coming, and here it is. I have more things to say than I originally had planned on, but I want to alleviate any confusion.

First of all, I have to thank Lori Lewis and her husband Paul Lewis for taking me into their home and giving me a place to heal and work. I was pretty sick for quite some time. Truth be told, I still have some bad days, but Lori watches over me and makes sure I don't over do. Without them I would not be writing this now, I'm sure. Lori will be my Business Manager and help me wheel and deal with all I do and have planned.

Most everyone knows I am involved with two Presses: Angelic Knight Press and Visionary Press Cooperative. Yes, there is a lot of work to be done, mainly at Visionary Press Cooperative because of the way a cooperative works, and because Stacey Turner is such a dynamo at Angelic Knight Press and doesn't need my help. I share the rah/rah duties and that's about it. That being said, a planned collaboration on a poetry book has turned into many more collaborations, and a young lady, who doesn't wish to be mentioned now, and I will be starting up another Press. This Press will only be for the two of us. We will hire editors, artists, and whoever else we need to have to produce the very best of prose and poetry.

Just a few notes on some recent developments before I get to my main post today. Someone asked me if I have a movie deal in the works. Answer: yes. At least one and possibly more. Marvel comics and I are talking about a Super-Hero I first wrote about in The Pen Of The Damned. The Enforcer could become a comic and a graphic novel. Okay, I love comics! This is cool stuff, but after the government shutdown, we all know that financing for these ventures could be a bit tricky. So I will be over joyed if they happen, but I will understand if they don't.

I plan on going to Portland next year for The World Horror Convention. I want to have at least one recent novel ready by then. Two would be better. Okay, so I'm greedy, but I have twenty novels in hand written form in my storage shed and I need to start putting my stuff out. If you go to Portland, I'll be the one with the huge beard.

Other collaborations are in the works. One is really cool and will include poems as well as prose, and it will be complete in-your-face horror. Two truly superb authors are in on this with me. We will blow your socks off. I have many more things of this nature coming up, and I will keep everyone up to date. This book will be a charity endeavor, the money going to a children's organization we are deciding on now. I also will have, Ghost No More, an end days novel published with Angelic Knight Press, and all my royalties will go to helping autistic children.

A few of my other endeavors include more stories for Firbolg Publishers, the place to go for the best in Gothic tales, at least one more project with Crystal Lake Publishing, a new Publisher on the scene but already getting rave reviews, and anthologies coming out in Netbound and others.

I will continue working on behalf of some truly great authors who I respect and admire much. Two who are waiting in the wings and getting ready to catch the brass ring on the merry-go-round are E.a. Irwin- I want to see Riley, young lady-, and Quinn Cullen, who is a master at so many things but in a league by herself when it comes to Horror Erotica. I will support these ladies in every way I can. Of course, there are so many other Women In Horror who I will continue to praise as well. 

Now we come to my Out Of The Box and Off The Wall part. The little picture accompanying this post is the way I see things. I'm a functioning autistic adult and have a different way of looking at the world. I see it as being a huge plus. It will be now, for sure. I am very pleased to announce that Lori R. Lopez and I are collaborating on a YA, yes you heard me right, short story which we wrote a number of years ago and didn't do anything with. I'm glad we didn't because we have a new vision for this tale. It is short, about 10,000 words, but we will publish both ebook and a paper version. The best part? The interior will be illustrated! I figured since Lori is an artist and knows the story so well, since she wrote half of it, that she would be the perfect person to do the cover art and the interior art as well.

So, you say, what's so different about this? Interior art is starting to creep up in stories now. Indeed it is, and I love it. What is going to make this venture so totally different is the marketing. I presented a few ideas to Lori, and she loves them. No one has ever done what we are about to do. No one.

Yes, we will have the usual cross links, blog posts, and such. We will pair this book with others to increase sales of both. We will run specials, although we will not give this book away. All the usual things and more will be done. Contests will be employed and a few other tricks, but the most unusual ploy will be the actual book signings. You see, I plan on us selling not only many ebooks, but I see paperbacks flying out of our hands because of the wackiness of something so simple that I'm surprised no one else has ever used it.

What is it? Ahah. This part will have to remain a surprise until we start our book signings. I want no one else to apply this until I have proven its effectiveness. Then, Lori and I will be more than happy to share the details with you.

So, you take one part Lori R. Lopez, one part Blaze McRob, and one part insanity in marketing, mix them all together, and produce a grand YA tale, one my kids can actually read. And, my friends, we make some money. We are both very excited about this. The marketing part will be a lot of fun.

Fun and making money? You betcha. It is time authors make money while working at the craft. I believe in helping my author friends, and I see many books where our ideas would work well. Better than well. Dream big!

Visit with Lori R. Lopez on Facebook and tell her you can't believe she's teaming up with a mad man such as Blaze McRob. This will be a great book. And the adventures in marketing could be a book in itself. I like that . . .

Blaze McRob


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    1. Thank you, Lisa. There's a lot of exciting things on my plate, and on those of my author friends. Together, we will kick ass, make some money, and have some fun.


  2. Wow! Sounds like you have a busy period lined up ahead of you. I wish you every success :)

    1. Thank you, DRC. My team and I will be quite busy. Delightfully so.