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I need to spill a few words about Nicole Hadaway today. Nicole pens her superb Vampire tales for Visionary Press Cooperative and does a super job. What I enjoy the most about all of her works is how she combines different historical time periods within her Vampire tales and makes it work so well. My favorite? Release. Why? Nazis, WWII, the Holocaust, and love. Okay, so this is not standard boy meets girl type of love. This is special love, and it resonates with believability as it rolls off the quill dangling so adeptly from Nicole's fingers. Still not convinced? Tsk, tsk. Buy her great books and read them. If you're not delighted with her superb talent, I will refund your money. See. You can't lose.

Blaze McRob

About this author

Avid reader, lover of education, and total geek, I make my living with my law degree, but love to indulge my creative side through my novels. I've written RELEASE, which is due for re-publication through Visionary Press in January; hopefully soon after will follow RETURN (the sequel) and REDEEM. All follow my main character, the vampire Miranda Dandridge, as she makes her way in the world owned by humans, envying them and loving them, at great sacrifices of her own. Hopefully soon, things will settle down for her, but she's got alot to redeem first...
As a former lawyer, Nicole Hadaway knows all about bloodsuckers and deals with the devil. She currently lives in Texas where she pens such tales of horror, featuring her heroine, Miranda Dandridge.

Book Description

January 3, 2013
“The ends justify the means”...

For vampire Miranda Dandridge, using her supernatural abilities to rescue children from impossible circumstances is her means to be a part of the human world that she loves so much, despite the atrocities of WWII.

For doctor Ben Gongliewski, saving his fellow Jews from the horrific death camps is an end for which he risks his own life every day, hiding his Jewish heritage while feigning loyalty the SS.

Neither Miranda nor Ben expects to find love in World War II Europe, but that is exactly what happens as they work for the Resistance. When the war draws to a close, it seems like the vampire and the doctor are free to start a future together. But just how far the Nazis will go to further their own evil ends?

Desperate times make for ruthless men as loves and lives are threatened, but, Miranda and Ben know that their world cannot go to hell, not by any means…
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5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful supernatural read! January 4, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition
What do you get when you put together vampires, fallen angels, demons, a werewolf and humans and throw in a Nazi war? A really awesome story. I really liked the characters, and thought it was an interesting touch to have the story be told in third person from various characters' points of view except for one character in first person (and not the main character, neat way to do it). I liked how a lot of the historic elements were based in fact ("Himmler's Rasputin" and the Wewelsburg Castle). The "big bad" of the story was not someone easily predicted, and the nice twist at the end was deliciously horrible. I love a good "gates of Hell are about to be opened" type of story.

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