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Today I wish to talk about my friend and super writer extraordinaire, Jeffrey Hollar. For a while, I only saw the YA side of Jeff, that which he displays in Keldane The Cursed. How wrong I was. While he weaves a tale for all ages with Keldane, he shocked me back to horror reality when he wrote Urban Outdoorsman for the superb April issue of SirensCallEZine, which is a top of the line horror ezine. Holy shit, Batman! This is one gritty tale! I absolutely love it. Obviously, Jeff can write whatever he puts his mind to. I am proud to call him friend, and honored to call him fellow author and collaborator at Visionary Press Cooperative. I also am blessed to share space in the same April issue that has Jeff's tale in it.

If you wish to see more to the man who is Jeffrey Hollar, go to his website, The Latinum Vault. Talk about an eclectic author!

Thank you, Jeffrey Hollar for sharing your stories with us!


Jeffrey Hollar was born in Lima Ohio. Developing a love for reading in his early life, Jeff read anything and everything he could get his hands on. Graduating from Lima Sr. High in 1980, he joined the army where he found a career in communications. Jeffrey remained in the army for 14 years, traveling the world to places like Germany, Turkey and England.
Jeffrey moved around the United States as well, living in Arizona, Iowa and Missouri before moving back to Lima where he met his wife. Jeffrey works in the security field during the day and writes by night. He also has a love for cooking and practices his culinary skills on his family.

Book Description

November 13, 2012
Did you ever wish you had the ability to use magic and cast spells to do anything you wanted to? Well, so does Keldane. Unfortunately, just being the son of the most powerful magic user the world has ever known doesn’t come with any guarantees. It’s not without very good cause he’s known to his classmates as Keldane the Cursed.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A Fun Read March 7, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Keldane's struggles to survive school and live up to the expectations of others are something everyone - young and old - can relate to.

My grandson and I read this book together, and between Keldane's mishaps and Barnabas' misfortunes, we did a lot of laughing.

We found ourselves empathizing with Keldane and his hapless victims, and we're certain you'll enjoy this entertaining adventure as well!

Two thumbs up for Hollar's storytelling!! 
Woo, hoo! I am in this great magazine with Jeffrey Hollar! Click the link and read his story free!

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